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  1. Canadian nurse wanting to work in New York
    Thanks for the suggestion and info! I'll check out the NY forum = )
    Aug 17, '12
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  2. Canadian nurse wanting to work in New York
    Im currently a Canadian nurse who is wanting to work in New York city. I was wondering if anyone could suggest how to go about the process, (as im finding it confusing). Also has anyone moved from...
    Aug 10, '12
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  3. New Grad Resume
    Thanks for the input everyone = )
    Nov 14, '11
    Forum: Nursing Resume Help
  4. New Grad Resume
    Hi everyone! I'm currently a new grad and trying to compile my resume and cover letter. The difficulty I'm having is that all my "work experience" has been my academic clinical experience. I'm...
    Nov 11, '11
    Forum: Nursing Resume Help

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