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  1. Ypsilanti neighborhoods
    there are only 2 areas of Ypsi I could recommend: the cluster of houses immediately south of EMU (one of these clusters is student housing, which you may want to avoid due to noise issues. The other...
    Mar 24, '12
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  2. University of Toledo - info on admissions? (++ any other advice/info you might have!)
    I am interested in applying to the University of Toledo's regular BSN program for next fall...the thing is if I apply by the deadline of May 1st I will still have two prerequisites to complete. I can...
    Nov 29, '11
    Forum: Ohio Nursing
  3. UNLV is doubling fees for their nursing progrm only!
    This is very typical. Schools know they can jack tuition rates up for nursing because people will still pay them, hoping to have a "guaranteed job" once they graduate.
    Nov 12, '11
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  4. What are the chances of new BSN graduates getting a job?
    That's what I thought 2 years I'm not sure even another 10 years will bring our unemployment rate down. There's no political will whatsoever to solve this situation, and there are massive...
    Nov 12, '11
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  5. Financial Aid Problems
    I was just trying to help
    Aug 23, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  6. Financial Aid Problems
    I'm fairly certain that they take into account every credit you've ever earned, not just the ones you've earned at one school. This is to prevent people from earning 150% of required credits at one...
    Aug 23, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  7. ADN or BSN?
    What an obnoxious post -- and disingenuous, too. We all know that while an ADN is technically a two year degree, MOST schools require a year's worth of prerequisites before admitting you. All the...
    Aug 22, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  8. Financial Aid Problems
    It's really odd you got denied! You've only taken 32 credits? The rules are that once you've completed 150% of the credits that your program requires, you are no longer eligible for financial...
    Aug 22, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  9. Jackson on admissions?
    Contacting the school has been less than productive. Can anyone here share with me how Jackson Community College's point system works?
    Jul 17, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  10. Online patho and other classes in MI?
    I'm hoping to complete as many non-lab courses as possible online, at community colleges, instead of my university. It's much cheaper and easier. Can anyone recommend community colleges where I...
    Jun 25, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  11. Davenport University
    Can anyone tell me more about the accelerated program at DU? Do you have to complete all the "Foundations of Excellence" and "Foundations of Health Professions" by the time you apply to be accepted...
    Jun 19, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  12. Not sure about LPN vs. RN vs. BSN!
    I am young, single and childless, which is why I feel like life wouldn't derail my plans :) especially if I immediately went into an LPN-ADN bridge. Do Pell grants max out? Also, LPN and ADN...
    Jun 17, '11
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  13. Any advice? Considering LPN as an alternative...
    If you have a bachelor's degree already, you don't qualify for most financial aid for undergraduates, right? In that case direct entry MSN might actually be a better way to go, because you will have...
    Jun 17, '11
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  14. Not sure about LPN vs. RN vs. BSN!
    I'm a college student and it took me awhile to decide on nursing...the thing is I'm a bit late to the major and it would take me 5 years to get a BSN (I'm completing prereqs in my sophomore year, and...
    Jun 17, '11
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  15. ADN programs without waiting lists / 2 year BSN (non-accelerated) programs?
    I emailed OU about their waiting list or lack thereof and got a form email back about how all prospective students must attend an information session. No answer to my question or not. I'm not...
    Jun 13, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  16. ADN programs without waiting lists / 2 year BSN (non-accelerated) programs?
    Thank you very much, guys and gals :) I have been researching like crazy and I have a list of programs I want to apply to, so I am not trying to get allnurses to do my application homework for me,...
    Jun 9, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  17. ADN programs without waiting lists / 2 year BSN (non-accelerated) programs?
    Which ADN programs in MI have no waiting lists and take students who are transfers into the start of their nursing program (i.e. don't require that you took your prerequisites at their school)? ...
    May 25, '11
    Forum: Michigan Nursing
  18. Direct-entry NP programs in the US - do these qualify in Canada?
    I'm in the middle of obtaining a non-nursing degree. I really want to get into healthcare and I'm stuck between doing a direct-entry NP program or a PA program. I would prefer NP (which wouldn't be...
    Mar 12, '11
    Forum: International Nursing

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