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  1. UDC community college LPN- AASN
    UDC = Univ of the District of Columbia. You would either need to contact the Washington DC nursing board, or look on the website for the ACEN for the accreditation status for any associate degree...
    7:58 am
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  2. direct-entry bsn advice
    The University of Virginia also accepts students directly from high school into the nursing school. The nursing classes and liberal arts core are threaded through all 4 years of the program.
    Jul 25
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  3. ASN/ADN Online hybrid schools?
    There is a small number of online programs to learn to become a RN. But I would be wary of them. In many states, graduates of these online programs are prohibited to sitting for the RN examination...
    Jul 22
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  4. Considering BSN-PhD program
    The mean duration of full-time students in our BSN-PhD program is just under 5 years. This would include approximately 3 years of coursework for the MSN and PhD and then approximately 2 years for...
    Jul 21
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  5. UDC community college LPN- AASN
    According to the website of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), the AAS program at UDC is on warning. The last visit was in 2012 and they are scheduled for another visit...
    Jul 21
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  6. To obtain the BSN or not to obtain, that is the question
    If your interest is in public health nursing, why not look at your local public health department. I know many nurses in public health departments and clinics with only Associate degrees.
    Jul 14
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  7. Are the RN-BSN programs less competitive to get into?
    Numbers will vary from school to school, but in general there are many more people applying for pre-licensure programs (those training you to become a RN) than for RN-BSN programs. The pre-licensure...
    Jul 11
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  8. Will there be too many NPs?
    There will be a need for NPs in the US, but not in all markets or all cities. In my own town of Charlottesville (population 45,000), the FNP market is fairly saturated with the only jobs opening...
    Jul 10
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  9. are there any evening classes
    Some of the community colleges in Virginia offer night/weekend RN programs for part-time students. These would be two nights a week (6-9pm) and one weekend day (Sat or Sun) for clinicals. Such a...
    Jul 10
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  10. DNP Clinical Hours
    We allow people to complete their DNP practica at their employment site, but not to use their work time as clinical time. So you cannot get paid for the same experiences for which you are earning...
    Jul 8
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  11. Anyone have an MSN with no BSN? Problems with this?
    We have been graduating Master's Entry students since 2007; we award a MSN degree to those from non-nursing backgrounds. None have had any difficulty being hired at Magnet facilities or at the V.A...
    Jul 7
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  12. MPH-RN to DNP
    The DNP degree is a doctoral degree in nursing. Since you do not have a Master's in Nursing, you should consider the many BSN-DNP pathways in the country. The MSN-DNP pathways would not be...
    Jul 7
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  13. Which path should I take to become an RN?
    Go for an accelerated program (ABSN or a Master's Entry). There will be prereqs to take before you apply, but you should be able to take these at your local community college. We've enrolled...
    Jun 12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  14. Global health college or nova
    Do you intend to pursue a BSN at some time in the future? If so, you will want to consider whether the credit from your Associate's degree program will transfer to a BSN program. Being eligible...
    May 29
    Forum: Virginia Nursing
  15. Military to pay for school?
    We have a number of military nurses in our graduate nursing programs at the University of Virginia. The payback for DUINS, AFIT, and Army Long Term Education for grad school is two years of service...
    May 17
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  16. DNP Informatics
    DNPs are in specialty tracks that relate to direct patient care (mostly the Advanced Practice RN roles) or in the care of populations/communities (public health nursing, etc). Not all nursing...
    May 13
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  17. Get together at NTI 2014 Denver - Will You Be There??
    I'll see y'all there, of course. I'm in Booth 550. Clay
    Apr 30
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  18. FNP or WHNP
    The employment situations will vary from region to region. Here in my state of Virginia, employment for WHNPs has been tightening. At the state NP conference this year, I talked with many WHNPs...
    Apr 18
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  19. will master's entry programs close doors to entry level jobs
    We have been graduating CNLs from a Master's Entry program since 2007. None of these have faced problems in finding an entry-level position. Some employers/recruiters have needed a bit of...
    Apr 17
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  20. Career Change- Need Advise
    Several of the community colleges in my state offer a part-time ADN program on nights/weekends. This program was designed originally to take working Patient Care assistants and CNAs through RN...
    Mar 26
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  21. CRNA Needing Doctorate?
    Today one only needs to have a MSN degree in order to sit for certification. This will be changing in the next few years. In 2025, one will need to have a DNP or DNAP in order to sit for...
    Mar 25
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  22. Best major before BSN/MSN program?
    I cannot speak for all of the 750+ schools with BSN or MSN nursing programs in the country; I can only speak my own institution. One's college major has very little importance. What matters more is...
    Mar 25
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  23. Thinking about grad school but not sure how to start.
    I've worked in University admissions for nearly 30 years, and have dealt with this question many times. You cannot change your old GPA from your old school. Some graduate programs will average...
    Mar 24
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  24. Signing a contract with a hospital to pay for tuition
    These types of arrangements (to become a RN) were more prevalent a decade age when there was a nursing shortage. Nowadays, there are more new grads than jobs in hospitals in 48 of the 50 states (the...
    Mar 12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  25. I will already have a BS in different field...
    There are three pathways for you. One is to go to the community college and get an ASN. But in many cities/markets, getting a job in a hospital with only an associate's degree is getting more...
    Mar 4
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student