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  1. Hollier review book
    Hello all! I am in my 3rd clinical rotation for my FNP and graduate in May!! Our current instructor is testing out of the 2009 Hollier Adult and Family nurse practitioner certification review...
    Oct 6, '12
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  2. Patient requests
    That's horrible!!
    Oct 6, '12
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  3. Patient requests
    What?????? Lol! "I'm sorry ma'am, hysteria is no longer a recognized medical diagnosis... So no vibrator therapy for you!" Bwahaha!! That's awesome
    Oct 6, '12
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  4. Failed the AANP and ANCC
    Hi there, Anyone feel like selling their Hollier (2009) Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Questions, book. It just recently went out of print as the 2013 version will be...
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  5. Verbal er me understand this
    Our ER also has a no verbal order policy except for emergencies. With that being said, it happens ALL THE TIME as the MD's don't feel like taking the time to put the order in the computer. We have...
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  6. Patient requests
    Hmm...I've been asked for phone chargers a lot. Usually I am able to find someone who has one they can use. I had a patient one time in the ER who was upset and wanted to talk to the charge nurse....
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  7. Yeah
    Congrats!!! I'm so jealous!! :(
    Oct 1, '12
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)

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