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  1. Anyone work in Minot at Trinity?
    I'm looking at taking a travel assignment at Trinity in Minot and wondering if anyone has any experience working there. Any insight would be great!
    Sep 23, '08
    Forum: North Dakota Nursing
  2. Decannulating...
    If a patient pulls out their trach, have someone call RT and in our facility, whoever finds the patient puts it back in. Hopefully you have an obturator taped above bedside and/or a replacement...
    Sep 22, '08
    Forum: Pulmonary Nursing
  3. Help for my asthmatic patient!
    I agree with the above. Ensure the patient's spO2 is adequate, position the patient in tripod or elevate head of bed, use medications like morphine or lorazepam to decrease anxiety/air hunger, and...
    Sep 22, '08
    Forum: Pulmonary Nursing
  4. Travel Nursing San Jose Kaiser
    I'm thinking about taking a job travel nursing in San Jose CA at a Kaiser facility. Anyone have any experience at this facility or with other Kaiser facilities? Seems like there's a lot of openings...
    Sep 22, '08
    Forum: Travel Nursing

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