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  1. Considering Military Reserves but I'm a parent and husband
    Rain-man, While I have not left for training yet (I leave for COT in a little over a week!) I have been married to a service member while working as a civilian nurse and we have 2 kids. I cannot...
    Jan 3, '14
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  2. MEPS for commissioned officers
    There is a difference between once you are in and when you are applying. Going in, you cannot breastfeed during basic (COT, OTS, or basic). After you get in is another story. This is how it was...
    Dec 22, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  3. MEPS for commissioned officers
    CarolinaFNP, Before you go to the board or leave for COT (it is different depending on how you apply), you need a qualifying physical. Each MEPS might have a different interpretation of the...
    Dec 22, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  4. Air Force March 2014 COT
    CarolinaFNP, I just want to give you some information after reading your comment. I am leaving for COT in January (selected at the October 2013 board). I was unable to apply for the Spring 2013...
    Dec 15, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  5. Air Force Nursing- COT training
    aminoacid9, What nursing specialty are you? I am also going to COT in January and Nellis. I am OR
    Nov 1, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  6. Air Force Jan 2014 COT
    I'll be joining you all in January and then heading to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas! Super excited!
    Oct 26, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  7. FY 2014 Air Force Nursing
    I found out I was selected for an OR nurse position! I am so excited, it is still sinking in! Congrats to everyone who was selected! I don't know where or when I am going yet, can't wait to find out!
    Oct 12, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  8. Can a Nurse have a Tattoo???
    I have a large chest tattoo that is easily seen if I am wearing a shirt that does not sit close to my neck. I have not had any issues at either job I have worked. The first job had a tattoo policy...
    Oct 26, '12
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  9. TNCC applicable to Critical Care Nursing?
    Would TNCC be helpful to critical care nursing? I had heard it was based on assessing a patient when they first arrive to the hospital, but if you are likely to see trauma patients in your ICU, would...
    Oct 14, '12
    Forum: PICU Nursing / Pediatric
  10. circulating and scrubbing?
    are there many hospitals out there that have RNs who circulate and scrub? And I don't mean scrub once a month but consistently scrub? I am interested in RNFA but I work at a hospital where most...
    May 18, '12
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  11. Pregnant when applying for the Air Force?
    Hi! I am currently pregnant and now have more information thanks to my recruiter so I'll share:) You can be pregnant anytime except for MEPS and COT. If you have to get/renew your physical and are...
    Mar 26, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  12. New Grad in Pre-Op?
    I work in the OR but I can definitely empathize with you. When I was in nursing school, before I got to see OR nursing, I was like "oh ****, I'm paying to go to school for job I don't even like!" I...
    Jan 25, '12
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  13. Refusing to do a surgery?
    While I was a volunteer, not a nurse, at the time, I was a patient hand holder during elective abortions. I am also pro-choice, so, now that I am an OR nurse, I have no problem with this particular...
    Jan 24, '12
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  14. Number of Applicants?
    I figure I'll share my GPA because that was something I was wondering too when I applied to NTP. My nursing GPA was 3.8 and my GPA from my first degree was 3.4. I was never given an exact answer as...
    Jan 23, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  15. Number of Applicants?
    No, I wasn't selected. I was told that there were so many applicants that some people's applications were not even looked over. They just used arbitrary criteria to decrease the number of...
    Jan 18, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  16. Number of Applicants?
    When I applied to the NTP board in May 2011, I was told that 150 people applied and 25 were selected.
    Jan 16, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  17. RN in the OR?
    DocOc, you asked if an OR nurse does a head to toe assessment earlier. When I started in the OR I wondered why they didn't either. The reason is that an OR nurse performs a focused assessment. The OR...
    Nov 5, '11
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  18. Pregnant when applying for the Air Force?
    Quick question, I am currently gaining my one years experience to apply for the Air Force next October. I understand that I cannot be pregnant at COT, but are there other times I shouldn't be...
    Oct 30, '11
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  19. NICU RN, Military Spouse looking to join
    I wish you the best of luck in applying. It takes awhile to get everything together for your packet, I hope you are able to complete it in time for January. I don't have any idea how your chances...
    Oct 23, '11
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  20. How to break into OR nursing
    I did my practicum for my BSN in the OR and hoped to get a position there after graduation. It didn't work out because they wanted to hire someone with 2 years experience. I was told to apply at a...
    Sep 12, '11
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  21. Certifications Needed for the Operating Room
    Hi! I was just wondering what certifications should a nurse have or would help a nurse in the OR. I understand that after 2 years a nurse is eligible to test for CNOR, but are there other...
    Jul 21, '11
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  22. Certifications
    I don't think they would push your packet over the edge but I do think having those certifications are worth the money now to add to your packet/resume as a whole. It shows that you are driven to get...
    Jul 15, '11
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  23. Operating Room Interview- New Grad
    Hi! I have an interview coming up with Oschner in New Orleans in the Operating Room Department. I am a new graduate and this is my first interview as a nurse. I have looked through some of the other...
    Jul 8, '11
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  24. A non-select AF NTP applicant wondering if there is a need for Air Force OR nurses?
    Thank you for replying. What are the specialties required?
    Jun 13, '11
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  25. A non-select AF NTP applicant wondering if there is a need for Air Force OR nurses?
    I was wondering if the Air Force is in need of OR nurses. I was not picked up for NTP this last board. When I told my recruiter I had done my practicum in the OR, he said to get 6 months experience...
    May 11, '11
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing

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