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  1. Transferrable credits from "training schools"?
    I just can't seem to get any answers out of any of the people I've asked at these schools, so maybe someone whose gone to one knows the answer to this: I am looking at LPN training schools, two in...
    Feb 5, '09
    Forum: New Hampshire Nursing
  2. LPN programs?
    I checked online and it appears that NHTI in Concord has an LPN program as well, so it may be easier to get federal assistance in paying for it. Possibly by applying as a Liberal Arts, then gettng...
    Oct 17, '08
    Forum: New Hampshire Nursing
  3. LPN programs?
    Hello all. First time poster, long time reader and all that. I'm an LNA and I've been looking at LPN programs here in southern NH. :typing Are there any LPNs out there or LPN students? Which...
    Oct 16, '08
    Forum: New Hampshire Nursing

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