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  1. Where Do I Go From Here
    Are you going to stay where you are located now once his med board is completed? A lot depends on where you want to settle down and if moving will still be an issue later on down the road. You will...
    Apr 17
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  2. LIAR: ADN RN prompted to lie about holding a BSN... is it passable?
    I had to give my employer a copy of my BSN degree for my personnel file. This was just last month at a new job, so they will possibly verify it!
    Mar 31
    Forum: Male Nursing Student
  3. Have you ever been to an interview like this?
    I interviewed in the OR and it was similar to your interview. They basically told me they didn't really know what to ask since I had no OR experience and it turned into a more personal conversation...
    Mar 15
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  4. 7 months and I can't do this anymore.
    I felt a lot like you do when I worked on a med/surg floor right after graduating from a RN program. It was fast paced and I managed to make it through a year but NEVER enjoyed it (and would never...
    Feb 17
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  5. UALR? UAMS? or Baptist?
    I can't comment specifically on which school has more clinical/hands on experience, but here is some information to consider. What kind of degree are you wanting? All three offer something...
    Jul 17, '14
    Forum: Arkansas Nursing
  6. What makes a good nurse case manager?
    I don't have experience as that type of CM. It may be in clinic or may be with an insurance company. Some insurance companies use case managers to help coordinate care for chronic conditions (like...
    Jun 30, '14
    Forum: Case Management Nursing
  7. What makes a good nurse case manager?
    It really depends on the type case management. I'll just comment with my opinion on the roles I have participated in as a CM: Utilization review: STRONG medical knowledge, knowledge of insurance...
    Jun 29, '14
    Forum: Case Management Nursing
  8. I feel like it's the end
    While taking the test, cover the answers with a blank index card while you read the question and see if you can formulate an answer BEFORE moving the index card. If what you thought of is one of the...
    Mar 29, '14
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  9. RN to BSN in NY
    I did SUNY Delhi for one semester for one class. It went fine. I started a second class the next term and logged on the Wednesday before class officially started to read the syllabus, class info,...
    Jan 19, '14
    Forum: Online Nursing Schools and Colleges
  10. The military is moving my family!
    I went to nursing school while my hubby was active duty. I received some pre-reqs in one state then moved to another and took another class and even took 2 online classes from yet another state. My...
    Dec 31, '13
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  11. Do we have to know everything???
    For meds, learn the endings of the generic names. It will clue you in on what the medication is it may say "nursapril" but you will know it is an ACE by the ending (-pril). Then you can...
    Dec 22, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  12. Accepatnce letter to NS with a catch?!
    We had to take one every semester, but we had to get 100%. First one was more basic type math (and measurement type stuff) and no calculator. Later semesters were more dosage calc and IV drip...
    Nov 25, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  13. Quick Question: Job offer during interview or called later
    First nursing job...took about 2 weeks for the official offer. In hospitals, most of the offers come from HR, not the manager directly. I had an indication he was interested but still nervous about...
    Nov 3, '13
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  14. Experiences of Chamberlain Online RN to BSN Graduates
    I had to take 13 classes. No idea of the overall cost because mine was completely paid for. I went full time (2 classes per session...4 per "semester") and finished in 14 months (April 2010 to June...
    Sep 20, '13
    Forum: Chamberlain College Online Nursing
  15. Other jobs for RN besides direct patient care?
    I currently work in case management in a hospital setting. You get to think like a nurse but don't touch people. Nothing I do will kill anyone. It can be stressful sometimes trying to come up with...
    Sep 18, '13
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  16. what does your diploma say?
    My ADN degree (from NY) does not saying anything about nursing on it (just Associate Applied Science). That is confirmed with your transcript, though (and the fact that you will be licensed). My...
    Jul 13, '13
    Forum: Online Nursing Schools and Colleges
  17. Just plain need advice!
    Are you considering going to BOCES? Where I was at you had to complete the 1st YEAR of nursing to skip one semester of LPN at BOCES. After I graduated, I worked in a specialty office in a more...
    Jul 8, '13
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  18. Statistics online
    My statistics class was through DeVry (Chamberlain). It was HARD but very doable, and I ended up with a low A. There was an instructor that did walk-throughs of the labs on YouTube and a Facebook...
    Jun 20, '13
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  19. Question for Nurse Managers/Hiring Managers
    I did Chamberlain and it has never been an issue when applying for jobs. My unit old manager and asst. manager went to Western Gov. Univ. I also worked with about 6 other people who finished...
    Jun 20, '13
    Forum: Nurse Management
  20. How do I get Case Management experience?
    I have a BSN and worked med/surg for a while then OR and home health. I have been an RN for 4 years and got a hospital case manager position 6 months ago. I work with a girl who had just med/surg...
    Jun 20, '13
    Forum: Case Management Nursing
  21. What happens if I fail out?
    Maybe if you didn't have the TLDR attitude, you would read enough to pass the class...
    Mar 23, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  22. Hourly vs. Benefits
    I worked for the state. Our medical was NOT better than the private sector and the dental was actually worse (2x higher monthly). Retirement benefits were really good, though, and so were holidays...
    Feb 20, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. Guess what I am doing on this lovely day?
    I feel ya. I just got out of home health and spent a lot of time charting on my own time. As much as they wanted us to chart in the home, it seemed impossible because it would put me behind on my...
    Feb 10, '13
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  24. Chamberlain RN to BSN online Jan 2013
    I graduated from Chamberlain's online BSN program in the summer of 2011. I did full time for 14 months while working 2 part time jobs (34 hours a week total) and PRN at another job (hours varied...
    Dec 13, '12
    Forum: Chamberlain College Online Nursing
  25. Can a teacher do this?
    How is it not fair? Did she test you on cardiac and you were learning fundamentals? Did you check to see if some of the material from the test was in the textbook and possibly a reading assignment?...
    Nov 16, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student