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  1. Saudi- MOH
    This is what I went through when I applied in Saudi: 1. Submitted requirements to POEA window M. (TOR,Diploma,PRC Rating and Lic.card/ID., Passport, NBI, High School Diploma,All are photocopy...
    May 2, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  2. Who's to blame for having oversupply of nurses here???...
    1. Ourselves 2. Relatives 3. Government 4. Schools 5. Media (T.V., Advertisements on Broadsheets) I choose myself, why??? for believing on news on T.V.that there is a huge shortage of nurses...
    May 1, '08
    Forum: Nursing in the Philippines
  3. Saudi- MOH
    I never heard that news so i can not really comment on that. I was told to wait for their text message last january 27, and saw my name posted feb.27.with other applicants with ticket.I am still...
    May 1, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  4. Saudi- MOH
    I think the reason why she was asked to go directly to SRO is that at the time she was submitting all the requirements to POEA, there's already an ongoing interview happening at SRO. So instead of...
    Apr 12, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  5. Saudi- MOH
    Just continue to work on your documents, i had the same problem before but now i'm waiting for my departure date.:yeah:
    Apr 4, '08
    Forum: World Nursing
  6. Saudi- MOH
    "I would like to know if anyone here knew a person cancle his/her application by SRO becauase he/she didn't met the deadline?" Just...
    Apr 4, '08
    Forum: World Nursing

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