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  1. The introverted nurse
    I am EXTREME introvert as well (we seriously need to form an introverted nursing club LOL) and here are my words of wisdom to you which I hope you keep in mind: If you posted on this website because...
    Nov 1, '12
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  2. Anyone work in Elmhurst Hospital Center?
    I'm starting the job in a week, and I would like to use the parking garage. But when I called during the daytime (if it even was the correct number....). Do you happen to know about that parking...
    Oct 8, '12
    Forum: New York Nursing
  3. Anyone work in Elmhurst Hospital Center?
    I looked up the elmhurst hospital website and saw the nurse recruiter's name (******, but make sure you check the spelling). I emailed her, because that's all the website said to do if you're seeking...
    Oct 8, '12
    Forum: New York Nursing
  4. Anyone work in Elmhurst Hospital Center?
    Hi, I'm new to this site!! I would like to know if anyone here works at Elmhurst Hospital Center, and if so, what floor? I am starting work there in a little more than week, and the...
    Oct 6, '12
    Forum: New York Nursing
  5. Did you always want to be a nurse?
    hey, I would liek to private message you, but my account won't allow this shall do for now....I am not excited about starting work ina few weeks because like you, nursing was just a stable...
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY
    I actually just got hired, and I'm starting in 2 weeks. I wanted to know if you happened to get a job there...If so, what did you think of the environment/facilities/etc.? I've been there a few...
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: New York Nursing

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