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  1. need to talk to someone who is a rose state college nursing student
    hey airforcewife, I just started the nursing program at rose and like you I did also have previous college credit, that was not in my favor. Luckily, for the GPA calculation for the points, the...
    Sep 1, '10
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  2. rose state college..advice anything you can give to help
    has anyone gotten any letters YET? I anxiously check my mail everyday, and so far nothing. Just wondered if you all had heard anything yet?
    May 25, '10
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  3. rose state college..advice anything you can give to help
    luv2sew, I know one thing that helped me with studying for the compass, was using an ACT study book. I just kept going through it and I think that it really did help me alot. Don't worry, it will...
    May 18, '10
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  4. rose state college..advice anything you can give to help
    Really!!! 131 would be great! I hope that we do get letters, the wait is so extremely hard!! As far as the schedule, all I have really heard is that it is Monday-Thursday for the day program. But...
    May 18, '10
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  5. rose state college..advice anything you can give to help
    hey everyone. I also applied to the nursing program at Rose. I applied last semester with 123, didn't get in. Applied again for fall semester, with a 134 and haven't heard back YET! Waiting is so...
    May 18, '10
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  6. rose state acceptance letters
    Thanks shallots! I did talk to the secretary for the nursing department and if you are applying to the beginning track program she said they should have the cutoff points available in the next two...
    May 1, '10
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  7. rose state acceptance letters
    hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about when to expect letters from rose. I put in my application on February 1st, the deadline was March 1st. I was thinking should hear...
    Apr 29, '10
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  8. rose state spring 2009
    Hey everyone! congratulations to all the OCCC students that were accepted, that is great!:yeah: I applied to the Rose State nursing program and I am still waiting to get a letter, and it is driving...
    Nov 5, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  9. Acceptance letters for Rose State College spring "09" semester?
    hi, I was told that the letters would go out around Thanksgiving, but the girl did not get any more specific than that. I would also love to know when they will go out. I think that both you and your...
    Sep 25, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  10. Rose State info
    Hey everyone, I have been reading through these threads for the past year and finally want to ask a question of my own. :typing I have been going to Rose and I am almost done with my prereqs :yeah:...
    Aug 18, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing

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