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  1. Best route to take for aspiring Psych NP
    Hey there, sent you a PM with some advice. In short, you seem competitive for direct entry programs, assuming you can do well on GREs, get As in pre-reqs, write a good personal statement, and get...
    Aug 10
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  2. Pls advise! Windows vs Android/iPhone for student NPs
    I also second the recommendation against windows phone. The apps are just too limiting. You want Android or iOS for the large selection of apps. I'm particularly partial to Android since I don't like...
    Jul 24
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  3. NP Preceptor needed
    This is unfortunate. Don't go to a school that doesn't provide preceptors. This should be a top priority for all NP students. Your attendance in these programs only supports such practices
    Jul 11
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  4. Why the NP degree will be the next MBA with 7 simple, quick reasons
    Same thing happened with me when I took it, except I got emails from psych programs since I put that down as my major and interest. ETS is such a joke. They charge you $200 to take the test and then...
    Jul 4
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  5. Applying to direct entry NP schools
    I second the suggestion to retake GRE. Look at the Sparknotes guide to the writing section and follow that formula. Pm me if you want more advice. I got a 4.0 and 1370 the first time I took it and...
    Jun 29
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  6. 12 Month BSN or 15 Month MSN?
    This is not an NP degree. There are MSN programs out there that basically leave you at the same level as an RN but with a Masters. It's called a generalist degree, same as CNL Clinical Nurse Leader...
    Jun 3
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  7. 2.91 GPA as Bio major to Grad-Entry NP Chances?
    Unfortunately that GPA is pretty low. If you take more undergrad classes, you can boost that up to a 3.0+ which would help. But honestly unless you have a 4.0 in your pre-reqs, a very high GRE score...
    Jun 3
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  8. Direct Entry Admissions Chances Psych
    Maybe I can help. I applied this year to 6 direct entry PMHNP programs and got into all of them. I think you have a good shot as long as you raise your GRE scores. My cum GPA was similar (3.3) and I...
    May 20
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  9. Important development
    No, bipolar is a concept to give a name to a set of symptoms. The underlying mechanism that causes the set of symptoms is a theory (chemical imbalance), but given that medications based on such...
    May 8
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  10. Best Cell Phone for Practitioners
    Hehe it's just a matter of preference. IMO pure Android looks much sleeker and runs better. Samsungs UI looks like it was designed by 12 year olds. This is why if you utter the word Touchwiz to any...
    May 6
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  11. Accepted for PMHNP fall 2014. Any other PMHNP students out there?
    BC has a great program. It was my top choice but after this winter I wanted to go somewhere warm so I picked Vanderbilt instead, lol. I initially didn't want to move so far away. I heard great things...
    May 5
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  12. Best Cell Phone for Practitioners
    lemur what's your mobile service provider? I'd recommend Nexus 5. It's the best value on the market right now. Very powerful phone for a great price, and since it's directly from Google you get the...
    May 5
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  13. Accepted for PMHNP fall 2014. Any other PMHNP students out there?
    I'm from NJ but moving all the way to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt's PMHNP program :D
    May 3
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  14. Which specialty compensated the most financially?
    Given the high cost of living in California, and the fact that I highly doubt the state will be able to pay for any pensions in the near future, this is not as good as it sounds. California is broke,...
    May 1
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  15. Vanderbilt FNP 2014
    Maybe this will help
    Apr 29
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student: MSN/DNP/DNSc/PhD
  16. Doctorate vs MSN
    I'm curious what kind of setting is this? And what specialties are the NPs?
    Apr 27
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  17. OHSU's PMHNP Program
    I don't, but the reason I didn't apply to OHSU was that the first year counts as undergraduate for financial aid, so you won't be able to take out graduate loans until the second year. The loan limit...
    Apr 24
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  18. Shameless Request: What is the easiest NP program to go to? Botox Nurse seeks easy NP
    Those who are motivated (and thus have better applications) are more likely to post on such threads, and those who get accepted are more likely to post that they were accepted. This forum does not...
    Apr 15
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  19. PMHNP
    No you do not need FNP first. PMHNP is an NP specialty, like how FNP or ACNP are. Since you are already an RN, you can find an RN to MSN or RN to DNP degree (either one works. MSN is shorter). UNC...
    Apr 13
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  20. Walden University - the latest on the FNP program
    Let's look at your initial reply. The only part where you mentioned distance program was at the end, and you never specified that you were ONLY talking about distance programs. You said...
    Apr 12
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  21. Walden University - the latest on the FNP program
    I was not talking about distance programs in my post. You were not clear in your post that you were taking about online programs and instead it seemed you were talking about all programs. Of course...
    Apr 11
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  22. Walden University - the latest on the FNP program
    This is not true at all. I applied to 8 NP programs (Vanderbilt, Yale, Boston College, MGH, Seattle University, UC San Francisco, OHSU, UIC) and all of them provide preceptors. I chose Vanderbilt,...
    Apr 8
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry
  23. Accepted to 2 programs - looking for input
    U of Washington is a much better program with a great reputation. Go for the best program you get into, which in this case is U of Washington. I've never even heard of Wayne State. Would you really...
    Apr 6
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  24. Suggestions for online Psych NP Program
    Vanderbilt has a distance program
    Apr 5
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  25. Comprehensive list of classroom-based PMHNP programs
    Vanderbilt University (MSN and DNP) Boston College (MSN) MGH Institute of Health Professions (MSN)
    Mar 30
    Forum: Pre-Nurse Practitioner Inquiry