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  1. KCC ADN FALL 2011
    I got the skills and standards package from KCC book store a while back... It's also on laulima if you want to print it up at home... just wondering... how did you get assigned a clinical location...
    Aug 19, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  2. KCC ADN FALL 2011
    I've heard good things about Littmann Stethoscopes... but do you recommend any particular type of steth for nursing students?? there are so many different types... I'm kind of lost on which one to...
    Jul 14, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  3. KCC ADN FALL 2011
    congratulations on your excellent score SNSWTR! Hope you get in this semester... but if not you're most definitely going to get accepted once you finish all your co-reqs good luck! To any...
    Apr 2, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  4. KCC ADN FALL 2011
    Check you mail!! I just got my acceptance letter :)
    Apr 1, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  5. KCC ADN FALL 2011
    hi rgirl808 I'm not sure how many slots are available... but I think it varies from 25 to 30 (according to the website)... I was told that spring semesters have more slots open in general than fall,...
    Apr 1, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  6. KCC ADN FALL 2011
    Hi guys! Anyone here applied to the KCC nursing program for Fall 2011?? I have been checking the mail religiously... sometimes twice a day (loser!) The FAQ section of their website said that we...
    Mar 30, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  7. KCC/UHM Competetive NLN Scores
    Aloha, When I went to the informational session at KCC last year, I was told that 120-125 was a competetive score for NLN... now that they are increasing the minimum qualifying score to 115 from...
    Jul 31, '10
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  8. To all the mothers: Day Care Advice (long)
    I have a four month old son and I know how terrifying daycare can be... just the thought of it makes me nervous... luckily I have my mom watching my son while I am at work for now. but even that is...
    Apr 21, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  9. Nursing Future
    I am truly amazed at how supportive and helpful all of you guys are!! must be because you guys are in the business of caring :) Thank you all so much. so I attended the informational session...
    Apr 16, '09
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  10. Nursing Future
    Thank you everyone!! :wavey: it's really reassuring to hear the positive outlook from everyone. And Thank you Slobgob for such kind offer :) I have few friends that are working as nurses and I...
    Apr 13, '09
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  11. Nursing Future
    Thank you Blessed2009 I am leaning more towards going for it... I'm going to the informational session at KCC on the 15th so hopefully that will help me make up my mind for good... I know once I...
    Apr 9, '09
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  12. Nursing Future
    thank you so much for your reply.... here are my thought on your questions.. 3) you have a ba, why the change of direction? i studied to become a buyer and am working as an assistant buyer right...
    Apr 7, '09
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  13. Nursing Future
    I have been contemplating a nursing career for a while now. I finally gathered up enough courage to take the next step. I was shocked to find out the reality of the nursing career field right now....
    Apr 6, '09
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing

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