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  1. Anyone left nursing TOTALLY...what are you doing now?
    After being an RN for 20+ years, I left and am now working as a teachers aide at our local school. I get to play with first graders all day :) Much happier.
    Jul 1
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  2. Base pay of RN BSN in LTC
    I'm in the midwest and my town has 2 nursing homes. The one gives credit for years of experience, so I was at 22.80 there. The other is a very small, private home (30 residents) and all RN's start...
    Jun 7
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  3. What did you get for nurses week?
    A nice quality water bottle with a nursing saying on it, filled with candy. I'm only PRN, so it was nice to be included :)
    May 11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  4. Would you give it to them?
    We have the large bottles of stock meds in our cart at my LTC facility. We have been ok'd to give staff tylenol, motrin and tums when needed.
    May 11
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  5. Agency is going to hourly vs pay per visit
    I worked home heath for 10 years (still do prn) and always worked hourly. It worked out great for me. We would come to the office at 8am. There would be 2-3 nurses each day and the DON. We would...
    May 10
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  6. Anyone left the nursing profession?
    I left nursing and am currently working as a paraprofessional at my kids school. I still have 2 PRN nursing positions that I work at in the summer or occasionally a weekend.
    Apr 7
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. got accepted to University of South Dakota
    I'm not sure of any connection, I don't have any experience with Sanford. I have heard favorable things about USD students, I live near Presentation College which is known for its nursing program,...
    Mar 18
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  8. Job in Aberdeen SD
    I live close to Aberdeen. There are several jobs at the Avera complex that aren't OB. Here is a link to their job page: ...
    Mar 18
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  9. Career prospects in SD?
    I think it is pretty decent, depends on what you are looking for and if your willing to relocate. The bigger towns have plenty of openings it seems.
    Mar 14
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  10. got accepted to University of South Dakota
    Hi and Congrats!! My associate degree is from USD, but it was from a satallite program from LATI in watertown, so I only went to the actual campass to participate in graduation. I've heard good...
    Mar 14
    Forum: South Dakota Nursing
  11. Generic name for vitals machine?
    We called ours "Rosey". No idea why. That was her name when I started there!
    Nov 13, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  12. wheelchair locomotion
    If the resident's feet could touch the floor and make the w/c move at all, but was pushed by staff, I coded extensive assist x 1. If the resident had foot rests at all times, could not move the...
    Sep 25, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  13. Sound like a good job offer?
    I took this job back in April and just put in my notice. It was a very good job, workload was heavy but doable, but the hours and drive took its toll on me. Being gone 10+ hours M-F just didn't...
    Aug 24, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  14. Are you a VN or an RN?
    I am an RN. Two of us - other is an LPN. Census is at 88, goal of 92 We enter our sections. Dietary, SS, activities do theirs. 15-20 med A's
    Jul 22, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  15. Ethical advice needed for a new grad...
    I guess most everyone is using Emars or some such thing now?? The last two LTCs I worked at were paper MARs and there is no charting what time you gave a med-only that you gave them. Only things...
    Jul 2, '13
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  16. Need example of obra charting for charting
    Ask your MDS person to give you more specific information. Obra is referring to the MDS data they need to collect and submit for payment. For pain, they are looking for - is pain...
    Jun 25, '13
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  17. PASRR PL1
    Our Social Worker does the PASRR screenings. We are at about an 86 census and there are 2 of us MDSC's.
    Jun 6, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  18. Heirarchy
    There are two of us MDSCs in our office and we report to the DON. We don't supervise anyone.
    May 23, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  19. AANAC course
    Has anyone gotten certified though here? Was it helpful? I've just started as an MDS coordinator and will be trained by the regional manager for 3 days next week. There is also a 2nd MDS-C in...
    May 18, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  20. Inspector/surveyor wants to observe me!!
    I have had them ride along with me also. They asked the patient if they were told who they could call if they had a complaint against us (giving this info is required in our state/agency) ...
    May 9, '13
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  21. Feeling like a job hopper!
    A bit. I was trained by another MDS coordinator to help her get assesments done when she was behind. She only showed me how to do the parts she wanted help with, so I don't know how to do...
    May 6, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  22. Feeling like a job hopper!
    I don't post alot here at AN but I do read quite often. Since joining by in '08 I've posted about Home Health, getting out of nursing and working as a teachers aide, going back to nursing in...
    May 5, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. National Nursing Home week
    I work PRN at a local nursing home. The DON gave me a cute bag with a nursing themed travel mug, and new lanyard, and some candy. She gave it to me when I worked last week because I wan't working...
    May 5, '13
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  24. Sound like a good job offer?
    I have been offered an MDS coordinator position and was wondering how it sounds to those of you who have been there. The facility is about 110 beds with a usual census of 80-90. It has a locked...
    Apr 27, '13
    Forum: MDS Coordinator Information
  25. What do you take for lunch?
    LOL I know this too well from my LTC days! Hence my "newbieness" on having time to eat a packed lunch :)
    Feb 26, '13
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing