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  1. Loved my Camp Nurse job.
    Would you share how the health center was run. Did you as a nurse have shifts? Where did you stay while you were there? Details of what you liked, didn't like. Thank you!
    Sep 5, '13
    Forum: Camp Nursing
  2. Any experience with these camps?
    Hi, I will be working at Moosilauke Camp in Orford, New Hampshire. This is the first year at this camp. I spent the last 3 summers at a sports camp in Vermont. I am originally from the north so I...
    Mar 14, '13
    Forum: Camp Nursing
  3. Any experience with these camps?
    Are you from Florida? I live in Florida and will be working at a camp in New Hampshire. Definitely want to get out of Florida for the summer if you can.
    Mar 11, '13
    Forum: Camp Nursing
  4. Describe your med pass!
    We would pull meds, place them in small envelopes with names, time on it alphabetize them, put them in a rubber bin, set a table up outside the dining hall at a table and hand them out as the kids...
    Jan 19, '13
    Forum: Camp Nursing
  5. What are you getting for payment?
    The camp I worked at paid $750/wk without tuition for kids. I was also the only nurse on camp. The following 2 years I was paid $650/wk without tuition for kids at my camps larger campus and there...
    Jan 19, '13
    Forum: Camp Nursing
  6. Too much time on my hands
    Hi, I have worked at a competitive sports camp the last three summers in Vermont. I am looking to work at a camp that is not specifically competitive and where there is more down time and I would...
    Jan 19, '13
    Forum: Camp Nursing
  7. When should I apply?
    The summer of 2012 will be my 3rd summer as a camp nurse in Vermont. My first year I started looking for a job in the beginning of January. I know you can find positions right now. The camp I work...
    Nov 11, '11
    Forum: Camp Nursing
  8. Where is Everyone Going To?
    Tennis camp in Vermont for month of July.:yeah:
    May 29, '10
    Forum: Camp Nursing

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