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  1. Clinical Instructors and lecturers with no hospital experience?
    I have a CI friend and he told me he took the job because our nursing school's affiliate hospital would count the hours he put into teaching as work experience. So more and more new grad RNs grab...
    Dec 3, '08
    Forum: Nursing in Philippines
  2. Shifting Career Archi to Nursing
    I've read all the responses to your thread and I'd say they all do have good points. But the final decision is always with you, so think hard first and don't be impulsive about this. Maybe the reason...
    Dec 3, '08
    Forum: International Nursing
  3. which grad school should i choose?  MAN or MSN?
    hello, anakat. i was thinking the same thing after finishing my BSN, and i kinda did some research on this during my free time. if you're currently working, i'd like to suggest for you to check out...
    Dec 3, '08
    Forum: Nursing in Philippines

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