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  1. Mayo Clinic is Hiring
    Did you have your MN license before applying?
    Nov 18
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  2. Scott and White Internship - January 2015
    I applied for the ICU internship. The director sent me an e-mail asking 4 basic questions about the 2 year commitment, which unit I preferred, why Scott&White, and my expectations for the program. If...
    Nov 15
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  3. *rolling my eyes*
    They seem to be blaming the nurse's inexperience, certifications, and etc., now that another nurse in the same hospital has contracted the disease, I wonder if they will remain on the same...
    Oct 15
    Forum: Disasters: Preparing & Responding
  4. Pre-CRNA advice to a new ICU nurse. Please read!
    Wow, sorry about your mom :(. As someone who has done a similar cost benefit analysis of pursuing CRNA, I'm learning one thing about life, it's not easy. Please know, if you do decide to become an...
    Oct 12
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  5. Possible relocation to MN?
    Hi, thanks for the reply Do you like MN? Is the cost of living reasonable?
    Oct 11
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  6. Anybody use or
    Oct 10
    Forum: Nursing Resume Help
  7. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015
    Hey guys, GL w/ your interviews. I didn't read any of the previous posts but I interviewed last year and was offered a position in CC. I declined solely b/c of the pay (Vanderbilt is an absolute...
    Oct 9
    Forum: Online Nursing Schools & Colleges
  8. Possible relocation to MN?
    Hello Minnesotans! I'm considering a possible move to MN. I will be strictly looking into CC positions. I will have 1-year of Stepdown experience when I start applying, and I will be looking into...
    Oct 7
    Forum: Minnesota Nursing
  9. Nurse anesthetist or Anesthesiologist
    They are also changing the MCAT in 2015. So if you do go that route look into the new psychology/sociology section of the test, and consider taking those courses, if you have not done so already. ...
    Sep 16
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  10. If you accept a job, stay at least a year
    You clearly did non understand my post. Having a stance on something is one thing, but dismissing other people's behavior or actions as "hogwash" simply because it is not aligned with what you would...
    Sep 15
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  11. If you accept a job, stay at least a year
    Am I the only person that is absolutely sick of other people purporting THEIR world view as THE world view on allnurses?
    Sep 15
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  12. Nurse Residency
    Thanks for the clarification. I thought that I read somewhere that orientation was 9 months, hence why I was nervous about the contract. If the orientation is only 4 months and you sign the contract...
    Sep 10
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  13. Reasonable RN Pay in Pediatrician's Office
    Wow Florida hospitals are that terrible that you are willing to even consider taking an $11 hourly pay cut? The answer should have been a resounding no. I'm interested in critical care, and I...
    Sep 7
    Forum: Ambulatory Care Nursing / Clinic Nursing
  14. Nurse Residency
    I'm not sure, but I would PM TWU80. He's in the ER residency at Parkland and I think he has previous experience. He's pretty active on this site. GL.
    Sep 7
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  15. LTAC nurse of 2 yrs.  Am I eligible to take CCRN?
    This is the biggest trepidation that I have. My CNS said the same thing about "not qualifying". Although my job pays for the certification and pays you extra for having it, the biggest motivating...
    Sep 7
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  16. Nurse Residency
    Yes to both questions. I'm not a new grad, I graduated in August 2013.
    Sep 6
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  17. LTAC nurse of 2 yrs.  Am I eligible to take CCRN?
    This is so encouraging to hear. I'm a current Stepdown nurse at a Level I Trauma Center, looking to get into the ICU in a few more months. I was going to study for the PCCN, but it seems that not too...
    Sep 5
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  18. Nurse Residency
    Three years is a very long time especially since the contract begins after orientation, so it's more than 3 years. That's so insane, I can't even wrap my head around it. My bf is getting his PhD...
    Sep 5
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  19. Nurse Residency
    I applied for the SICU residency. Start date is end of October. I was scheduled for an interview but withdrew myself from consideration because the commitment is a little less than 4 years or 3 years...
    Sep 5
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  20. Parkland ED Residency October 2014
    My interview is for SICU, but either way I don't think I can commit for 4 years. That is my primary issue. I will be removing myself from consideration tomorrow.
    Sep 4
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  21. Parkland ED Residency October 2014
    I have an interview scheduled for next week, but I am seriously thinking about removing myself from consideration. Is it true that there is a 3-year commitment after orientation, which essentially...
    Sep 4
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  22. Do you think you'd be able to do medical school?
    Medical school is harder than nursing school, period. Moreover, while I think many would do okay in medical school if they were granted admissions, many underestimate the admissions process. Getting...
    Aug 25
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. Nurses and Lunch Breaks in NYC
    I work on a StepDown unit at a Trauma Center in NY, and I get an hr lunch break. My hospital hire nurses (mostly per diem nurses) to come in to cover lunch breaks for the critical care units (At my...
    Jun 5
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  24. Emory New Grad Residency Program, Spring 2014 - updates?
    I received an invitation to interview yesterday (cardiology unit), but I had to decline since i recently accepted a position in NY. I couldn't believe the manager was working on New Year's Eve. I...
    Jan 1
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  25. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2014
    12/12 by NOON.
    Dec 11, '13
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing

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