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  1. University of Portland BSN January 13' cohort
    Whats the FB group name? I'm also accepted for January 2013 and I'd like to keep in touch with all of you. I couldn't find the group page on facebook.
    Aug 27, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  2. University of Portland 2012
    Got my acceptance letter yesterday, Spring 2013 :) I was really surprised to be accepted because I do not have a lot of volunteer or health care experience, just good grades. However, I thought my...
    Mar 9, '12
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  3. Applicants to Portland area schools 2011
    From my understanding linfield has 30 waitlisted students for summer, 30 for spring, and those combine together to make 60 for fall.
    May 9, '11
    Forum: Oregon Nursing
  4. Applicants to Portland area schools 2011
    Has anyone who is waitlisted for Linfield heard anything back on a spot opening up? I know deposits were due May 1st, and the admissions director said it would be another week after that before she'd...
    May 9, '11
    Forum: Oregon Nursing