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  1. Fall 2010 LPN to RN Idaho State Univ. Program
    I've sent in my application for this Fall's class and I was wondering if anyone else here has applied? This is for Idaho State University, NOT Indiana State. Just curious if I was the only one...
    Feb 13, '10
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  2. Apollo College, Excelsior & More....Per the BoN
    I feel your pain.... I'm applying with ISU's LPN to RN program that is in Pocatello. It's mostly online, with the exception of monthly weekends. Apollo wanted me to redo most of my prereqs because...
    Dec 21, '09
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  3. Any jobs for New Grads?
    I don't really have much advice, sorry....but don't forget to look at usa jobs for rn openings on base here- Mtn. Home AFB...
    Aug 14, '09
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  4. Apollo College RN bridge program
    Yes, they offer both at Apollo now. I've been in contact with them this past week finally, getting some of my questions answered. I'm studying for the ATI entrance exam and may go ahead and...
    Mar 25, '09
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  5. Apollo College RN bridge program
    Thanks for your reply! I'm studying now for the ATI entrance exam and will go from there. Alot of my pre-reqs are over 10 years old, except my science courses which I've taken more recently. Also,...
    Mar 24, '09
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  6. Apollo College RN bridge program
    Anyone here attending Apollo's LPN to RN program or have any info/advice? I missed the ISU deadline and am looking at other options....I'd like to hear the good and the bad, and whether they are...
    Mar 16, '09
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  7. ISU Fall 2009 online bridge program
    Still noone applying huh? Tricia
    Feb 7, '09
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  8. ISU Fall 2009 online bridge program
    Just checking back to see if anyone had responded. I'm still hoping to get in and start in the Fall of 2009 and hope to meet some others on here who are doing the same!! Thanks for the...
    Jan 16, '09
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  9. Boise State working while in nursing program
    I don't attend BSU, but am looking for a good LPN-RN bridge program. Were you accepted to the BSN program? Do you know how many days a week you'll be attending classes/clinicals? I work full-time...
    Dec 7, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. ISU Fall 2009 online bridge program
    Anyone else applying there?? I'm finishing up my pre-reqs now and working on filling out the application for the online-bridge program... I'd love to know if anyone else is?? Tricia
    Nov 10, '08
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  11. Apollo College- Boise
    Do you have a link to the Apollo/Boise branch? I saw their generic apollo page, but couldn't find any prereqs listed. Is it really 25,000.00 for the program? Also, how many days a week do we need...
    Apr 4, '08
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  12. Apollo College- Boise
    I'll be watching this post too ! We arrive in Mountain Home during the first 2 weeks in July sometime. I also have a prior BS degree, but need to finish up my RN degree somewhere. I'm researching...
    Apr 4, '08
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  13. Moving to Idaho. Lpn to RN/BSN programs?
    Thanks so much for the info !! I actually looked into the LPN to RN/ADN program that you attended, and I was surprised to see that they offer a portion of the program online. I would only have...
    Mar 10, '08
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  14. Moving to Idaho. Lpn to RN/BSN programs?
    :oWow, 114 views and no replies !! :-(
    Mar 5, '08
    Forum: Idaho Nursing
  15. Moving to Idaho. Lpn to RN/BSN programs?
    :spin:We'll be living near Mtn. Home, but I'm guessing I'll be driving quite a ways to attend nursing school? I'd love some info./advice on the nursing programs in/around Boise. I'm an LPN...
    Feb 12, '08
    Forum: Idaho Nursing