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  1. CCRN 2013
    TammyG - I would like to subscribe to the databank but don't see it offered. Can you list the link? Thanks Elle
    Sep 24, '13
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  2. You might be a night shifter if...
    the patient asks if you would like the light to be turned on and you casually say no, I see in the dark . . . when breakfast occurs at 5:30 pm . . . and lunch at 2:30am . . . when you fall asleep in...
    Jan 15, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. Fall 2012 Graduate  School roll call !!!!
    1. Drexel University 2. MSN Family Nurse Practitioner 3. Working full time -ICU 4. School part-time 5. Excited, apprehensive
    Jul 15, '12
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  4. Kaplan advise please
    I did sign up for Kaplan on 6/10 after I picked my test date of July 1. I had always heard that Kaplan was about strategies and the lessons are, but to my surprise - very pleasant surprise -...
    Jun 22, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  5. Exit Exam/NCLEX Prep
    I used the online resources from the HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN book to study for the HESI. I also have the book but haven't used it much. I started studying about 4 days before I...
    Jun 6, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  6. Kaplan advise please
    I am trying to decide whether to sign up for the online Kaplan review. I would like to take the NCLEX at the end of June. Is 3 weeks long enough to make use of the Kaplan review? I have...
    Jun 6, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  7. Nursing Research Survey: Recognition and Reporting of Impaired Nurses
    This survey closes out on Friday. For those of you that have participated, I thank you !!! If you have not participated or know of a nurse that might want to take the survey - would you please...
    Mar 15, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  8. Christiana Internships
    I know several people that have applied and have not heard anything yet. Other opportunities just opened.
    Mar 11, '11
    Forum: Delaware Nursing
  9. Nursing Research Survey: Recognition and Reporting of Impaired Nurses
    hello fellow nurses, for the last several months i have been back in school working on my doctorate. i am looking at recognition and reporting of impaired nurses. i defended my prospectus...
    Feb 22, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. Official Palm Pre Thread
    My dh and I both have the verizon palm pre plus. No problems and same great phone reception. The pda is fast. Not a great amount of software - dependents on wht you are looking for. Epocrates has a...
    Feb 25, '10
    Forum: Mobile Apps For Nurses
  11. Sprint Phone/Pda
    Our plan is almost up with verizon and Sprint offers much more family plan perks for less $$. I am looking at phones/pda's and I am stuck. I always thought I would get a palm pre because I love the...
    Dec 9, '09
    Forum: Mobile Apps For Nurses
  12. Anyone attend Wesley College's BSN program as an LPN?
    I only know that Wesley's classes must be taken in succession. There is a LPN-BSN program at DSU which is also in Dover.
    Sep 25, '09
    Forum: Delaware Nursing
  13. HESI Admission Assessment Test for Nursing School
    could someone please send me a copy of the pdf study guide we take the hesi at the beginning of the junior year, which is in sept.
    May 8, '09
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  14. Please - input needed on "minor"
    My school does not have an informatics program nor does any college in my state. I have considered adding the minor through another college out of state but don't know if that is possible. Our dept...
    Feb 22, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  15. Please - input needed on "minor"
    I am sophomore BSN student with a BA in Business Management. I have taken a few IT classes. I'm not sure whether to add a IT minor. I will be 52 when I graduate and I although I feel physically fit...
    Feb 21, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  16. I'm in love...
    Very nice . . . I think I would like this more if it were 16g or even better . . if it had an sd slot. My guess is, they will need to add an sd before this becomes really popular. This is...
    Feb 20, '09
    Forum: Mobile Apps For Nurses
  17. Acer Aspire One
    My dh and I both have an acer one - they have 6 cell batteries. They run xp, several programs and I make sure I am close to a plug after about 7 hours of use. I'm guessing it would run close to 8...
    Feb 20, '09
    Forum: Mobile Apps For Nurses
  18. text to mp3 or something similar?
    I use text aloud - I believe the program lets you output to wma or mp3. I also speak my papers using naturally speaking. You can use Itune (windows) to burn to either cd or mp3. My ears get sore...
    Feb 12, '09
    Forum: Mobile Apps For Nurses
  19. Beebe Hospital
    Since Bayhealth is located in Dover (Kent General) and Milford, it would be very odd for there to be such a big difference in pay for the same job/license. Beebe School of Nursing graduate are...
    Jan 7, '09
    Forum: Delaware Nursing
  20. Nurse Care Plans - Actual Outcomes
    Is the (evaluation) actual outcome statement based on the interventions? or is outcome statement based on the expected outcome? If an expected outcome is = Pt will have temp under 99 F by...
    Nov 16, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  21. Wesley College Info
    I strongly considered Wesley, price tag and all, but signed at DSU. They are a fairly new program but I have only heard good things.
    Aug 24, '08
    Forum: Delaware Nursing
  22. Is age 45 too old to start nursing???
    What a blessing it is to log in and find this timely post. I will be starting a 2nd degree accelerated RN-BSN program in the fall. I am 49 yo and although I don't feel old (my youngest is 8), I...
    Oct 26, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion

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