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  1. KCC ADN FALL 2013
    Hi, I got my letter April 5th and was accepted into the ADN program for Fall 2013. I am currently in the LPN program and will be graduating from that in August, then starting the ADN soon after. I...
    Apr 9, '13
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
    Okay, thanks. I was just curious. I put in my application this week, so I'll just wait and see what happens.
    Dec 14, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
    Does anybody have experience going through the PRCN program at KCC? If so, did you do the transition program? I just took the TEAS test, and I know that you need to have a minimum of 65%, but I...
    Dec 10, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  4. KCC ADN Acceptance Inquiries
    Whew! Okay, because I printed some papers off a link (from another recent post on here) - the admissions application/checklist form, and there it is under "Explanation for acceptance - minimum...
    Nov 18, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  5. KCC ADN Acceptance Inquiries
    I am freaking out right now because I just saw that one of the minimum requirements for acceptance into the KCC programs is a 2.0 @ KCC! I thought I could apply during the next application period...
    Nov 18, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing

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