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  1. does HPSP apply to students who are in nurse practitioner programs online?
    Yes I am almost done with my application and my program is all online.
    Jun 25
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  2. OR Call Advice
    Thank you for responding. I think we are headed in that same direction.
    Jun 25
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  3. OR Call Advice
    Thanks for the replay klone. Yes we currently only have call for an OR emergency ie. an emergency c-section where the RN would only work as either the circulator or baby RN and then go home. We do...
    Jun 20
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  4. OR Call Advice
    Hello. I would love if anyone out there would please share how your unit handles OR call or even if your unit has just regular call. My unit is looking at reworking how we handle call. Here are...
    Jun 19
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  5. COT 2015 & Commissioning questions
    I am wrapping up my application for the HPSP program. I only have the interviews left to complete then my application will go forward to the board. I don't have a date for those yet. I just found...
    Feb 10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  6. Do you have an option of when to attend COT?
    Hello. I'm wrapping up my application for the AF HPSP for midwifery! I just have my interviews left and then it goes to the board. If I'm accepted can I attend COT after the completion of my...
    Feb 4
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  7. COT 2015 & Commissioning questions
    I've decided to apply to Univ of Cincy to either start May or Aug 2014. How do you like it so far? I'm going for the two year program. Any words of advice on how the HPSP process works? Was there...
    Aug 5, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  8. AF HPSP Degree Question
    Hello. Does anyone know if you can get your degree online if you apply to this program?
    Aug 30, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  9. Reserve Deployment and Childcare
    I wholeheartedly understand where you are coming from DH is AD AF and deploys and we have three kiddos! A few suggestions: find a home daycare provider that will accept your little one...
    Apr 15, '10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  10. Available Jobs in Clinic Setting
    Anyone know of any open RN jobs in a physician's office or clinic in Great Falls that would be Mon-Fri? Thanks.:redbeathe:nurse:
    Apr 7, '10
    Forum: Montana Nursing
  11. Any older nurses joining up?
    Impressive Athena! I hope I am in as great physical shape as you when I attempt comissioning in a couple of years! Thanks! Stay safe in Iraq....God bless you for your service!:yeah:
    Mar 5, '10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  12. Any older nurses joining up?
    Thanks Carolinpooh for the info...encouraging! Also thanks to AdammRN for the kind words too!
    Mar 3, '10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  13. Any older nurses joining up?
    Thanks carolinapooh! I remembered the O1E pay but didn't know about my inactive time counting for pay....thanks! I also have 3+ years of Active Reserve time too...but all as a traditional...
    Feb 28, '10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  14. Any older nurses joining up?
    Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement! You're right about age only being a number...I will be contacting an AF recruiter soon with a list of questions....hope it goes well. Anyone...
    Feb 27, '10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  15. Any older nurses joining up?
    Thanks Ladies...just wondered if I would be the odd person out so far as age! Wow JeckRN you are an inspiration. Thanks for much for the replies.:heartbeat
    Feb 27, '10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  16. Any older nurses joining up?
    Hello. I'm thinking of joining up in a couple years and will be roughly 40. I have almost 8 years enlisted AD Air Force under my belt already but got out to complete my degree. Anyone else join up...
    Feb 26, '10
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing