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  1. Glioblastoma: Is this typical?
    I am really sorry to hear about your Grandmother but we are unable to give medical advice on these boards. Can you reach out to her doctors and see what they say
    4:53 am
    Forum: Oncology Nursing
  2. Unemployed for 3 years
    Have moved thread to Canadian Nursing forum where you might get more appropriate responses from the Canadian Nurses
    4:51 am
    Forum: Nursing in Canada
  3. DaVita Village
    Many Nurses and Techs stay for the long haul with Davita Dialysis is not what it used to be, so many regulations coming in from CMS Companies and I mean all companies who in dialysis have to follow...
    4:41 am
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  4. Ice Bucket challenge
    When I first heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge I thought Facebook and the media had lost their mind! Then my family jumped on the band wagon and were challenging each other like crazy to take...
    4:38 am
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  5. Pay rate of a Rn State Surveyor. Any surveyor
    Depends where you live-I know in Ohio the pay for a stet surveyor is very poor
    Aug 20
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. DaVita Village
    I am treated well by Davita, there are so many opportunities
    Aug 20
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  7. We are Looking for Talented Nurse Writers
    Such a great opportunity!
    Aug 12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  8. DaVita Village
    Davita in my opinion is a great company to work for, I have worked for bad ones. I have been treated really well I worked for another company as a FA and I was worked to death-I think that is the...
    Jul 31
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  9. July 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!
    ''Run Forest Run"
    Jul 24
    Forum: allnurses News and Announcements
  10. AN Nursing Award - We Need Your Input
    In my company there is always some sort of award system going on They are very generous
    Jul 17
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  11. An Unapologetic Reasoning On Why You Don't Want To Be A Nurse.
    Great Article-thank you As a UK transplant over in the US-nursing is very different than the UK
    Jul 7
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  12. What can US and UK nurses learn from each other?
    When I used to work in the UK I honestly thought that the US nurses were far advanced compared to nursing in the UK. Yet when I came here I found that we are so different it is like comparing chalk...
    Jun 19
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  13. A difficult initiation to nursing in tornado affected area
    Well done for keeping it together it cannot have been easy, you should be proud of yourself!
    Jun 18
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  14. Are nurses forced to assist abortions?
    This is a very touchy subject, where many people have strong views-please try and be objective when posting on this thread or we will have no alternative but to close it for cooling down
    Jun 2
    Forum: Nursing Activism / Healthcare Politics
  15. Well here's something I didn't think about: secondhand pot smoke?
    Will Second Hand Smoke Show up in Drug Test? | New Health Guide
    May 31
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  16. Nursing judgement in dealing with difficult patients.
    While I commend the empathy you have with your patients, please take heed of what other members are advising you to do. The consequences of the patient having some sort of event while outside smoking...
    May 31
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  17. Emergency Department to Dialysis
    Davita does not rush the hiring process
    May 31
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  18. Nurse Hijabi advice
    Caps were more a back issue than infection control-When moving and handling patients the cap had a tendency to slip and the wearing would put their neck and back in strange angles to compensate. Or...
    May 23
    Forum: Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear
  19. CNA-Two interviews-should I write a thank you letter for both?
    Merged in CNA forum
    May 22
    Forum: CNA/MA - Nursing / Medical Assistant
  20. Didnt attemp CPR to a rigor mortis patient
    My question would be how come nobody looked in on the patient for up to 12 hours? That would be what I would be investigating not the DNR order-3 hours for rigor to start setting in but for body to...
    May 22
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  21. The Happiness in your job thread
    We read a lot of desperate stories of our fellow RN's, LPN's and student nurses on here-I want to start a thread where we share our happy success stories so that we can give some comfort to those who...
    May 21
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  22. L&D not for me :(
    Get insurance now! You are in a very high risk field
    May 16
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. May 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!
    "I know you can hear me breath......I promise I am just spaced out
    May 16
    Forum: allnurses News and Announcements
  24. Do "PTO" systems seem like a scam to you?
    Where I work the PTO is awful 6.33 hrs per pay period
    May 12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  25. What did you get for nurses week?
    Nothing absolutely Nothing-but I get treated well everyday so I'll take that
    May 8
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion