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  1. many attempts did it take you to pass NCLEX?
    Just one, back in the old days, when it was called the "boards".
    Sep 17
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  2. Most Frustrating Thing ?
    The inability to reach parents as you all stated.. Also parents not following the guidelines for meds in school (Drs Rx, parent's permission, original container,etc.) This is all spelled out in the...
    Sep 12
    Forum: School Nurses
  3. Dr office or school nurse
    I worked in a doctor's office for 15 yrs and now a school for 13 Yrs. The school schedule is great! But sometimes I miss the drs office. I learned a lot more in the office setting and liked working...
    Sep 12
    Forum: School Nurses
  4. Most shocking thing you've seen another nurse do?
    I know this is an old post but I was just reading through. Esme, I am so sorry this happened to your Dad. How terrible they wouldn't listen to you...
    Jun 20
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  5. Do Nurses Get Traffic Tickets?
    Pulled over once for passing on the right side of a car turning left. Told the cop I was a nurse on my way to do physicals for the fire dept when he asked me. No ticket
    Jun 20
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. School's Out- Yahoo !
    LAst day 6/25,. Return 9/2. But I am working a 6week program in the summer :(
    Jun 19
    Forum: School Nurses
  7. Do You Like Being A School Nurse?
    lfulton55 There really is no typical day! Flexibility is really important.. you never know what will happen next. You also need good assessment skills as the kids I work with cannot always...
    Jun 18
    Forum: School Nurses
  8. It's the most wonderful time of the year....
    High schoolers are done Monday...then regents next week. Younger kids and special needs kids got til the 24th. Staff goes til the 25th. Late ending but we don't start up again until after Labor Day.
    Jun 13
    Forum: School Nurses
  9. Restricting PTO requests?!
    In school nursing you get the scheduled breaks off, (which I am not complaining about!) but it is really hard to take time off at other times even if you earned it. The only bad thing is all your...
    Jun 4
    Forum: Ambulatory Care Nursing / Clinic Nursing
  10. Does anyone drive students home?
    Nope, for all the reasons listed above.
    May 28
    Forum: School Nurses
  11. Need Advice For My New School Nurse Job
    You will be going from an environment filled with "medical" people to an environment where you are the only one! Quite an adjustment, isolating at times. But as a whole the kids are wonderful, the...
    May 27
    Forum: School Nurses
  12. Can parents give medically fragile kids meds w/o Dr. order in homecare?
    In NYS a doctor's order is required to give out cough drops to students. Parents , however, can come by the school and administer any meds they want to their kids.
    May 16
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  13. Can a nurse survive on several per diem jobs?
    May I ask what type of work you do from home? ..always looking..
    May 14
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  14. Psych nursing is easy
    I give all you psych nurses a lot of credit! I get a little of it in school with our severely emotionally disturbed kids, our day treatment kids, and our kids with severe autism and there is no way I...
    May 13
    Forum: Psychiatric Nursing
  15. What cracked me up today
    A 7 yr old boy just came in, as I was preparing his daily med he stepped on my scale and announced he is 125 gigabytes tall!
    May 13
    Forum: School Nurses
  16. Happy School Nurse Day!!!!
    Thank you!
    May 8
    Forum: School Nurses
  17. an oldie but goodie
    I used to cut Chrisssy's hair thinking she could always grow more!
    May 7
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  18. Why do parents get mad when you send their kids home???
    High schooler feels sick and wants to sleep on my cot. Me: why did you come to school if you are sick? kid: so I don't miss classes. Duh .. sleeping in my office = missing classes.
    May 7
    Forum: School Nurses
  19. is it nurse's week?
    Nothing, but I work in a school so the teachers get the kudos.
    May 5
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  20. if you hate nursing, what would you rather do instead?
    I don't hate nursing but I would love to own a a little gift shop in a beach there part time and hire people for the other hours. of course I would have to sell a lot of stuff to make...
    May 5
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  21. What's considered "Job-Hopping" in nursing?
    You are right. Most days anyway :)
    Apr 29
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  22. Which specialty would you like to end up in?
    in school wanted L & D/ Postpartum... ended up school nursing.. never know ,I guess
    Apr 29
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  23. Sick Day Stress
    It's crazy. I used to work for a family practice office that didn't want to pay for any "sick days" for its employees but had no problem telling sick patients to take sick time off from their jobs.
    Apr 28
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  24. What's considered "Job-Hopping" in nursing?
    First RN job for 1 year, next one for 15 yrs, current job 13 th year now. No plans to leave. I couldn't imagine changing jobs every couple of years.
    Apr 28
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  25. Any Jewish nurses?
    She is Jewish and if she makes through nursing school she will be a Jewish nurse as the OP asked
    Apr 16
    Forum: Nursing and Spirituality