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  1. CCBC Spring 2013 !!
    you can take it at ccbc
    Jan 13, '13
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  2. CCBC Spring 2013 !!
    A lot of expensive books. hey ERey Catonsville here! look forward to seeing all at orientation
    Nov 12, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  3. CCBC Spring 2013 !!
    where are the books listed
    Nov 5, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  4. CCBC Spring 2013 !!
    Congrats guys! 98 on Teas wow !!
    Nov 3, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  5. CCBC Spring 2013 !!
    Congrats everybody! Im very excited and nervous to start the program... Has anyone heard any information fro current or previous students about ccbc program?
    Nov 1, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  6. CCBC Spring 2013 !!
    Congrats. i got accepted to catonsville. just out of curiousity what was ur gpa and teas
    Oct 30, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  7. CCBC Spring 2013 !!
    Just got my acceptance letter 10/27. Just wondering who else has been accepted and what campus.
    Oct 28, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  8. CCBC MD Nursing Spring 2013
    hello. i recently applied. but dont think my teas is high enough to get in
    Sep 14, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  9. HCC , Towson, CCBC, Morgan ????
    congrats ksnyder14 and good luck! Im leaning more toward HCC just because thats where I took me pre-req but I know CCBc is a bigger school and have two campuses for the nursing program. Are you...
    Aug 3, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  10. HCC , Towson, CCBC, Morgan ????
    goodluck tuhopeful !
    Jul 14, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  11. HCC , Towson, CCBC, Morgan ????
    Thanks. Just out of curiousity what made you choose ccbc over hcc
    Jul 14, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  12. HCC , Towson, CCBC, Morgan ????
    Thanks, are you currently at any nursing program
    Jul 3, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing
  13. HCC , Towson, CCBC, Morgan ????
    Hello, I am currently planning on attending harford community college despite the fact that I got into Towson and Morgan State University. (not the actual nursing program) The reason being is...
    Jul 1, '12
    Forum: Maryland Nursing

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