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  1. How do I get a HI RN license
    Hi EmmaH, I've successfully applied & got my hawaii nursing license (as above in the comments). But that was when the link was working. I'm not sure what to tell you to do but maybe to call the...
    Apr 4, '12
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  2. How do I get a HI RN license
    Hi Natalie! Well, I've tried to play with the link & all I get is an Adobe update page??? It worked before which is odd. The girl "elk park" above was wrong... it's not as easy as you may think....
    Jan 17, '12
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  3. How do I get a HI RN license
    Oh goodness!!! Thank you SO much! I very much appreciate your answer on this! I've looked everywhere! Thank you! Jessica
    Mar 26, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  4. How do I get a HI RN license
    Thanks for your reply! Earlier before I posted this question, I stumbled upon the site for the Hawaii board of nursing: However when I go to it, it doesn't...
    Mar 25, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  5. How do I get a HI RN license
    Hi, I'll be moving to the island of Oahu here in May of 2011 & was hoping someone would be able to direct me on how to get my Hawaii RN license. I'm currently a California RN license holder. Thank...
    Mar 25, '11
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing

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