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  1. Yale GEPN Fall 2010
    eazye: I feel like I know much more about Yale as well, and you're right, it's hard to feel too decisive without having any of the financial aid information. I know much more about Yale's program...
    Feb 21, '10
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  2. Yale GEPN Fall 2010
    Is anyone choosing between UVM and Yale (adult psych)?
    Feb 21, '10
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  3. UVM MEPN 2010 acceptance?
    Does anyone know when the semester starts this summer? I received my acceptance letter yesterday (in RI). I had been out of town, may have arrived earlier.
    Feb 17, '10
    Forum: Vermont Nursing
  4. Yale GEPN Fall 2010
    Hello I got email around 10:30. I am applying for the Adult Psychiatric.
    Dec 14, '09
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  5. Yale GEPN Fall 2010
    Psychiatric specialty interview for Jan 22! I believe that they are also sending out emails to those who are not getting interviews and will be doing so at least through the 15th. That's what I...
    Dec 14, '09
    Forum: Connecticut Nursing
  6. GRE scores for direct entry programs
    I am about to take the GRE in order to apply to a some direct-entry programs. I am just trying to get a sense of what people have had for scores on this exam when they apply to this type of program....
    Aug 27, '09
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure