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  1. How do you handle the everyday stress of a nurse?
    drugs. jk I knit, crochet and travel
    Sep 27, '12
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  2. No Pay for Mandatory Training
    Did I miss somethng? I don't think the OP said anything about administering insulin. CBT's at my facility are usually quarterly policy and procedure CBT's and we are paid to do them. As a registry RN...
    Sep 26, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. Man with Law Degree Considering Nursing
    I'm glad you mentioned this option stargazer88 because I was just going to mention it myself. I have a friend who is an attorney and suggested I go to law school because having a background in...
    May 5, '12
    Forum: Men in Nursing
  4. Is submitting W-2 and pay stubs to prospective employer common?
    "First, yes, it's legal for an employer to give a negative reference as long as it's factually accurate. It's true that some companies have policies that they will only confirm dates of employment...
    May 4, '12
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  5. Legal issues with only one RN on the floor
    This is an article I read though the situation is somewhat different I find it interesting and wonder if this will set a precedent Ethics Case Study Poor Staffing Results in Brain-damaged...
    May 2, '12
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  6. More attractive grads have better chances of getting hired?
    I think good looks get one only so far. Yes they open doors but then you have to have skills, personality and an ability to communicate. Being female and attractive while having perks has an equal...
    Aug 4, '11
    Forum: Nursing Job Search Assistance
  7. patient assignment
    strictly by number and room location which inevitably leaves one nurse with a crummy assignment while another usually has a cush one. I think patient assignments really should be done by acuity for...
    Jan 30, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  8. B.C. nurses call 911 to deal with collapsed man
    Sounds like this happened in Canada and SarahUFVsn has the most familiarity with the system even though a student nurse. Maybe some more Canadian nurses will chime in.....
    Jan 30, '11
    Forum: Nursing News
  9. The Golden Rule
    My motto exactly!! No need to read between the lines @llg: I like the platinum rule concept. Especially since I can be rather thick skinned at times and I need to remember that others can be so...
    Nov 19, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. Nurses' Role in the Future of Health Care
    Here is an interesting view of doctors view of nursing and future of health care: Well worth the read.
    Nov 19, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  11. I should be grateful to have a job,but
    eh hospitals are not hurting nearly as bad as you think or they claim. Not for profits are making money hand over fist. On Top of Tax Breaks, Nonprofit Hospitals Reap Big Profits - Health Blog -...
    Nov 17, '10
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  12. What do you pray for?
    I pray that the powers that be recognize the importance of nurses and treat us accordingly
    Sep 28, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  13. Is there conflict of interest here? (A real RN in an ad)
    The nurse in the coca cola ad could just as easily have been as well. It's the whole concept of using a nurse that suggests a product is medically acceptable or approved otherwise why would the first...
    Sep 28, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  14. Is there conflict of interest here? (A real RN in an ad)
    I find all these responses amusing in light of the coca cola ad portraying a nurse drinking a coke that everybody here seemed to think was ok in spite of the suggestion that perhaps it was a...
    Sep 28, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  15. CPR! quick question!
    I agree with start CPR until AED ready and shock if indicated. not all arrhythmias can be shocked some need synchronized cadioversion
    Sep 20, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  16. Psych, sex, and cigarettes
    the mentally ill smoke at about twice the rate of the general population. [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica]
    Aug 27, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  17. Diet Coke Commercial: Nurses are Extraordinary
    This I know and a lot drink beer/alcohol and smoke cigarettes too and how would you feel about nurses being portrayed consuming alcohol and smoking? The point I was making is that the rest of the...
    Aug 1, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  18. Diet Coke Commercial: Nurses are Extraordinary
    Not impressed at all. Think the nurse is simply to make coke look like an acceptable beverage that even a nurse would drink it
    Aug 1, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  19. Registry position?
    Registry is the same as PRN at my hospital. It is a facility position, not agency. The hourly rate is higher but no benefits and that means NO benefits. Requires 4 days a month minimum but can pick...
    Aug 1, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  20. Only tobacco free employeess??
    Smokers usually die sooner than the obese and ultimately cost less in medical costs than the obese so I think they should refuse to hire obese personnel if they are going to refuse to hire smokers....
    Jul 4, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  21. Used Nurse: Part Deux
    The job cuts are not due entirely to medicare cuts. As a matter of fact the cuts have been delayed by the Senate. Senate votes to delay Medicare pay cut - I suspect the cuts in hours and...
    Jun 20, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  22. 2009 Survey: Doctor Nurse Behavior Problems Impact Patient Care
    Doctors bring in the patients and big money so as long as it's that way things won't change.
    May 13, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  23. Slander
    Why wasn't this issue dealt with when you were in clinical? Was your clinical instructor aware of this? Can you prove this is why you can not secure a job? I ask because I had a similar situation...
    May 8, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  24. End Of Life Issues---The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
    I agree, when our parents die there is no longer a generation between us and the grave. I do think being nurses helps us to get there more gracefully though
    Apr 26, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  25. Just in case you need that extra little "boost" to get you through your shift...
    too funny!
    Mar 20, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion

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