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  1. OB/ Pedi semester
    For our class, our textbook and class instruction do not always go hand in hand but the instructors are good about telling us why and which conflicting information that is. We always bring up...
    Feb 15, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. SFSU Fall 2012
    Does anyone know if we HAVE to get titers? I got a TDAP shot recently but it seems like the forms require a titer...
    Oct 30, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  3. SFSU Fall 2012
    An email and orientation packet went out today!!! Yayyyyyyyy.
    Oct 25, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  4. Going through first drill unprepared for us army reserve? help advice pls..
    Unfortunately, there are some soldiers out there with this mentality towards newly commissioned LT's, regardless if they are West Point vs. ROTC vs. direct commission (who have the largest learning...
    Sep 7, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  5. Worried about my nursing supplies!?
    LOL Engrave your name on it. That's what I did and I got a Littmann Classic carribean blue tube color with a RAINBOW finish! It's so awesome I love it. Even though you might not have intended to...
    Aug 23, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  6. Thank goodness for CNA's!!!
    I haven't logged in a while. I only checked it because I got a private message. I just started nursing school yesterday and I've been a CNA for over a year and will continue to work while in school....
    Aug 21, '12
    Forum: CNA/MA - Nursing / Medical Assistant
  7. What a coincidence. . .every single student nurse who shadows me. . .
    as a high school peer adviser for students interested in nursing here in california, i applaud students who have a goal in mind - working in a particular unit, those who want to go to grad school and...
    Jul 28, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  8. Which Littmann? Starting nursing school soon and I bought the classic II SE in carribean blue with a rainbow finish (unique) WITH laser engraving! I'm so excited. All the ones at work...
    Jul 13, '12
    Forum: Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear
  9. SFSU Fall 2012
    They sent me an email before I left for work today. I'm accepted into Spring 2013! Whoooo hoooooo!!!! :w00t:
    Jul 11, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  10. Patients you will NEVER forget.
    Wish there was also a "Love" button!!! :redbeathe
    Jul 7, '12
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  11. Do Navy Nurse Reserve OFFICERS have to complete boot camp?
    Good point. MC uses Navy medical personnel. The point is, no officer or officer candidate or cadet goes through enlisted basic training (unless you happen to be a prior service member).
    Jun 25, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  12. Do Navy Nurse Reserve OFFICERS have to complete boot camp?
    SoldierNurse22 is correct. In Army ROTC we had a one month field leadership course our summer of third year to our fourth year. We did not have the enlisted basic training (unless you were already a...
    Jun 25, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  13. SFSU Fall 2012
    The nursing program will update it for you. If you are accepted to Spring semester, it might not update until later. I just had to email SFSU Nursing since usually they won't pick up the phone......
    Jun 23, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  14. Cuesta College Nursing Info. PLEASE HELP!!
    Hi jessii, I applied to the program last application cycle and got accepted. I will be starting the program this Fall. What alecto said is correct. Overall GPA is not calculated into your points...
    Jun 23, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  15. Army Nurse Wannabe
    You can try for the Army ROTC Nurse Corps Scholarship. I was a general scholarship cadet but wanted to do Nurse Corp. That's a totally different application because you have to be in a Nursing...
    Jun 21, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  16. Nursing school getting expensive
    Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to the both of us :)
    Jun 21, '12
    Forum: About A Nursing Student - Nursing Cartoon Series
  17. Considering ROTC...Wants to go abroad...Where do i start?
    Good luck!
    Jun 17, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  18. Considering ROTC...Wants to go abroad...Where do i start?
    I was an Army ROTC scholarship recipient with an interest in Nurse Corps so I understand how it works. For the most part you have to be in a BSN program to get the Army ROTC scholarship (you need a...
    Jun 17, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  19. Can a new grad get hired in the OR and other questions?
    Wow a lot of good comments on here. Thanks again ScrubRNwannabe I was able to find the list only if I selected ALL the programs from the pull down list. If any of you don't mind, how much do you...
    May 27, '12
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  20. Applying for Cuesta College RN Program for Fall 2012
    omw2help, I was invited to orientation last minute (and I mean like not even 24 hours notice) and was able to get a spot in the program! I'm super stoked but I don't think it's really sunk in yet...
    May 25, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  21. SFSU Fall 2012
    I wonder what # they are at now since I'm @ 38!!!!!
    May 25, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  22. Can a new grad get hired in the OR and other questions?
    This is really great information! Unfortunately, CA doesn't have any University or CC course available. Is the cost for you the same at the college than what's listed on their website? Do you also...
    May 4, '12
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  23. Can a new grad get hired in the OR and other questions?
    hi nurse lisa, just wondering--- where did you do your nursing certificate course?? did you complete it after your boards? thanks!
    May 3, '12
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  24. SFSU Fall 2012
    i choose bio (microbio concentration) as my alternate major... now my status reads "we have received the documents you submitted. we are currently evaluating your application. please do not submit...
    Apr 28, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  25. SFSU Fall 2012
    Office Depot/Office Max/Staples... or you can sign up for a fax service online. You choose your own fax number (that's available) and you can send faxes/receive them through e-mail. You would have...
    Apr 27, '12
    Forum: California Nursing