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  1. Evolution of your specialty interests
    I'm interested in anything from conception (antepartal) to peds. Pediatric cardiology and NICU are some areas in which I've had experience (albeit that pediatric cardiology has been from a patient's...
    Mar 5, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. any nurses have SVT or IST?
    Your symptoms are similar to mine. I'm over a year post-ablation for WPW. They haven't found anything abnormal either. I'm concerned that a silent pathway may becoming active since they ablated the...
    Jan 10, '11
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  3. Littman 20 Examples of Cardiac and Pulmonary Auscultation
    Jan 9, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  4. Share Your Favorite Words of Wisdom on Nursing!
    These are a couple of nursing quotes I pulled off of my facebook profile: The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the...
    Jan 5, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  5. For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread
    I made a 97% on my Med/Surg final and received a 4.0 in Med/Surg theory and clinical, along with Nursing Seminar. Brings my cumulative GPA up to a 3.8.
    Dec 12, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  6. after all the horor stories.. here's a good one.
    All of my instructors are wonderful as well and will do everything they can to help their students succeed. It is nice to hear about the good experiences others have had with their instructors. I...
    Nov 9, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  7. For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread
    I got a 988 on my Fundamentals HESI which converts to a 91.45% :)
    Oct 28, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  8. How to take BP/PR of anasarca patient?
    Is there a Doppler that you can use to find the pulses?
    Oct 27, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  9. For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread
    My instructor has been using my Patient Data Records (20-25 pages in length and full of everything about your patient) which I have received 20/20's on as examples to the other students and...
    Oct 27, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  10. Pathophysiology
    Pathophysiology was a pre-req for my program. I found that if you paid attention and did well in A&P, then you just build upon that knowledge a little bit and should do well. However, like others...
    Sep 17, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  11. How many patients do you have during clinicals?
    The first semester we had one total care patient. This semester we again start off with one total care patient and can do a lot more than we could last semester such as oral medication...
    Sep 3, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  12. They bumped up our minimum passing grade point average...
    Same here.
    Aug 20, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  13. One week to go
    I am also starting my junior year on the 23rd and am ready to have a nursing class involving more pathophysiology instead of all therapeutic communication and the like. :clown:
    Aug 17, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  14. Fall 2010 Classes!!
    Health Intervention II (med/surg I theory) 5 credits Nursing Science Practicum (med surg I clinical 6 credits) 2 - 9 hour clinical days Nursing Science Seminar 1 credit So 12 credits total, but...
    Aug 17, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  15. " Self directed" nursing program..???
    I agree with That Guy. I like the structure of a classroom setting and having deadlines. It'd be too easy for me to put off doing my work. If you are motivated and self-driven it might could work...
    Aug 5, '10
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  16. Remember when...?
    - When you didn't have to try to memorize every thing about hundreds of drugs and still worry that if you forget one little detail about a single drug that you'll end up killing your patient.* -...
    Aug 3, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  17. Kicked out of nursing school b/c medical dx! Wth? Really?
    I understand your frustration, but technically it is their business. It is their responsibly to make sure their students are safely taking care of patients. Any condition, including mental illness,...
    Jul 22, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  18. Things you would love to say to your fellow nursing students!
    You just perfectly described one of my classmates. This person also thought that since they were repeating the class and "already knows all this" that they had to answer every question that was...
    Jul 11, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  19. New student question...
    My pre-reqs included pathophysiology, so that would be what I feel I should have spent more time on. If that course is included as a nursing class in your program, you shouldn't have to worry about...
    Jul 9, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  20. What is the funniest thing a patient has ever said to you?
    I've only had twelve days of clinicals so far, so nothing hilarious, yet. I did introduce myself to one of my patients and said I'd be there all day to help with his care. He starts laughing and...
    Jul 8, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  21. So how/what do people react when you tell them you're a student nurse?
    "Oh you'll never have a problem finding a job." If only they could read the posts on here.
    Jul 5, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  22. Do you read the book before or after material is covered in class?
    In my program, you have to read ahead of time and actually retain some of the information. We have pop quizzes (8% of course total) relatively frequently, and if you just looked over the PowerPoint...
    Jul 5, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  23. Baby during NS = bad idea?
    That's why I came to the conclusion that they were stretching the truth, if not flat out lying. I figured the hospital had a policy like a previous poster mentioned about not providing maternity...
    Jul 1, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  24. Baby during NS = bad idea?
    This is another good point. Grads who have interviewed at a local hospital have said that they are requiring them to sign an agreement to not get pregnant during their first year there. Now, I don't...
    Jul 1, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  25. How long did it take you to complete your prereqs?
    I know this wasn't directed at me specifically but I thought I could answer the question, too. At my school, CLEP tests do not have a grade or GPA attached to them, they provide you with credit in...
    Jul 1, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student

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