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  1. Best Nursing Shoes/Sneakers
    Merrells! They are the most comfortable shoes ever. Try on different styles, though, becasue I have some I relly like (jungle moc and encore breeze) and others I don't.
    Feb 15, '12
    Forum: Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear
  2. Davis Drug Guide/non internet drug book
    I use Davis Drug Guide through the Skyscape app on an android based phone. I just put my phone on airplane mode (no network connection), and was able to access it. I imagine you would want to...
    Feb 15, '12
    Forum: Mobile Apps For Nurses
  3. I/DD and Borderline Personality Disorder
    Does anyone have any information or resources they could direct me to about I/DD and Borderline Personality Disorder? I am working with a woman who has Down Syndrome, and her psychiatrist thinks she...
    Feb 3, '12
    Forum: Developmental Disabilities
  4. Do you donate blood?
    I donate regularly. I try to go every 8-10 weeks. Sometimes I am deferred for low hemoglobin, but if I remember to load up on iron rich foods in the week before I go I am OK. I have also been...
    Jun 23, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  5. Trying to make a decision...
    I am an RN with my BSN. I have been a nurse since Sept 2008. In Oct 2008 I worked for some flu shot clinics and then began working at an ATF (Adult Training Facility). This is basically a place...
    Oct 5, '09
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  6. Anyone Ever Worked a Flu Clinic?
    Yeah, I've done it. The only thing I would find out about is if you have to collect money from the patients. I did not and that made it relatively easy to do. I will be doing it again this fall.
    Aug 26, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. Looking for basic medical sign language website
    Try for signing instruction
    Jun 19, '09
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  8. Training coworkers in CPR
    Thanks for that info. I am talking to my boss about taking the BLS training course and training them in Heartsaver. I'm hoping work will pay for it. :yeah:
    Jun 12, '09
    Forum: Developmental Disabilities
  9. new grad may 2009..possibly relocating...need advice
    Philly is a great city, but the nursing options for new grads are pretty bad here. Personally, I love Boston, and would move there is it wasn't so far from family and so darn cold. Unless you are...
    Jun 12, '09
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  10. Philly new grads- where are you finding jobs?
    Yeah, basically... I finished ACE in Sept, was licensed by the end of Sept, and have a job but have not been able to get into a hospital. Start applying to hospitals during 4th quarter. Good luck...
    Jun 12, '09
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  11. Training coworkers in CPR
    DO any of you provide training for your coworkers in CPR? This is something my agency is interested in having me look into, but I am unsure about how to do it. I know before I was a nurse, I worked...
    Jun 2, '09
    Forum: Developmental Disabilities
  12. Prospects for nurses expected to brighten.
    You might, but in the Philadelphia area, finding a job without 1-2 years med/surg experience is proving difficult.
    Jun 2, '09
    Forum: Nursing News
  13. Should I apply for part time?
    I have my BSN and RN, and have only had them since September. I am working in Developmental Disabilities nursing right now, and while I enjoy what I do, I really feel like I need to get some...
    Jun 1, '09
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  14. SEPA hospital jobs
    Does anyone know of hospitals in the SEPA area that are hiring RNs without 1-2 years experience? I got my RN in Sept, and have been working in Developmental Disabilities because I managed to find a...
    May 28, '09
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  15. Ensure/ Boost/ Nutritional Supplements
    Thanks. I think I need to start that here.
    May 19, '09
    Forum: Developmental Disabilities
  16. Ensure/ Boost/ Nutritional Supplements
    I work in a day program for I/DD adults. I am the only nurse on site and did not receive any formal training for my job- I just have been figuring it out as I go. I have updated the med logs based...
    May 19, '09
    Forum: Developmental Disabilities
  17. Working as an Independnet CPR/First Aid Instructor
    Also check out They are the American Safety and Health Institute and you can become an independent contractor through them. I know several employers who use that type of service...
    May 6, '09
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice

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