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  1. Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?
    WINI = Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics Congrats on passing the exam, NIinHelp!!
    Dec 8, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  2. Paging Dreamer RN
    Helper117, I PMed you.
    Oct 31, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  3. Interview advice
    ikarus7401 has provided some great tips!:) In past interviews, I brought my prepared notes in addition to took notes during the interview (used the information for writing my thank you letters). The...
    Oct 30, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  4. Interview advice
    rnformaticsr4me, Need a little more information in order to help. What positions are you interviewing for? What is your hunch regarding why the final interviews are not turning into job offers?
    Oct 28, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  5. Pass the Informatics Nursing Certification Exam!!!
    ikarus7401, we'll see about that! :)
    Sep 18, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  6. Pass the Informatics Nursing Certification Exam!!!
    Thanks! Think three key factors contributed to my success: work experience (both my past experience in IT and current experience in NI), ANCC Informatics Nursing Study group, and having taken a...
    Sep 17, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  7. Accepted New Position!!!
    Congratulations and best wishes with your new position!!! :balloons:
    Sep 17, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  8. Pass the Informatics Nursing Certification Exam!!!
    I took the Informatics Nursing exam today and passed!!!! I'm so excited to be certified in my specialty!!!:D
    Sep 17, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  9. nursing career without touching people
    Sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. Just want to caution even in Nursing Informatics, employers are expecting experience (Information Technology, Clinical nursing, and/or both). It would...
    Sep 8, '11
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  10. Advice on certificate vs masters in nursing informatics
    Kwansima, have you tried applying to Informatics positions? I have similar education (Bachelors in C.S. and Nursing) and work experience. Applied to various Informatics positions and received a lot...
    Aug 28, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  11. Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?
    Congratulations!! Glad to see the ANCC Study group was helpful. I took that course and hoping it pays off. :D
    Jul 12, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  12. Your Input is Needed
    Interoperability, Meaningful Use and its impact on Nursing Informatics, Nursing Informatics and Quality Improvement, Clinical Decision Support for Nursing Practice
    Apr 12, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  13. Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?
    Chris, your post made me slightly nervous for the exam! I'm planning to sit for the exam in August. I am enrolled in ANCC's Informatics Study group. Hoping this study group, completing a Nurse...
    Apr 12, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  14. I passed my certification exam!!
    Congratulations rninformatics! :balloons:Thanks for the tips!
    Mar 27, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  15. Number of Nurses Certified in NI
    In addition to the other ANCC NI certfication requirements, you may qualify if your MSN program fulfills the following practice requirement: - Have completed a graduate program in nursing...
    Mar 3, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  16. Studying for the NI Board Certification / CEUs
    Hello Chris, congrats on obtaining your MSN! Unable to answer your questions but wanted to wish you well with your preparation. I intend to take the NI certification exam in the Fall.
    Feb 5, '11
    Forum: Online Nursing Schools and Colleges
  17. HIMSS 2011 in Orlando, FL
    I'm also considering attending either ANIA-CARING or University of Maryland's Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics annual conferences. I'll definitely be at HIMSS 2011 conference.
    Jan 5, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  18. HIMSS 2011 in Orlando, FL
    Anyone attending HIMSS 2011 in Orlando, FL?
    Jan 4, '11
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  19. Persuing a NI position as a military spouse
    The actual degree I'll receive is an MSN in Nursing and Health Care Administration with the focus being Nursing Informatics. I chose this degree program because I appreciate the curriculum is a blend...
    Dec 17, '10
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  20. Persuing a NI position as a military spouse
    Thought to chime in on these questions, too. I'm currently working as a Clinical Systems Analyst. My past experiences include Nursing and Information Technology (primarily software programming but...
    Dec 16, '10
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  21. Persuing a NI position as a military spouse
    I am assuming UMUC = University of Maryland University College? If so, have you looked at University of Maryland's Nursing Informatics MSN program? If I'm not mistaken, it's an online program. There...
    Dec 15, '10
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  22. Considering MSN (Informatics) + NP (FNP), please give me opinions/input.
    I'm 100% Informatics. I PMed you my school.
    Oct 29, '10
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  23. Teach EPIC at college or seek hopital trainer position
    Grr1016, Cannot offer much insight to Epic training. However, my employer sent me to training for their EMR system. I think with trying to break into the Informatics field and having absolutely no...
    Oct 29, '10
    Forum: Nursing Informatics
  24. Considering MSN (Informatics) + NP (FNP), please give me opinions/input.
    I have to say you are not the only one thinking like this (also have B.S. in Computer Science)!! :) I have been considering the same approach. One of my main reasons for considering this is the same...
    Oct 23, '10
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student
  25. Certified!
    Congratulations on your accomplishments!:balloons:
    Aug 30, '10
    Forum: Nursing Informatics

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