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  1. Punished for good time management (Vent)
    My suggestion is do more charting in the patients room, and less at the nurses station. when you chart in the nurses station you ppear available . when you chart in the room you appear busy.
    Dec 26, '13
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  2. Does anyone recommend Prep-U?
    from mid Feb. till June 17th when I took the Nclex
    Jul 16, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  3. time it takes to show up on IL. BON????
    Thank you for the replies. This is so BS it is hard to even apply with a lic. number
    Jul 14, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  4. time it takes to show up on IL. BON????
    I took the nclex RN 6/17 (passed in 75) waited about a week for the results. I mailed it the next day but still haven't shown up on IDPR website yet. I know IL. is slow, but how long has it taken...
    Jul 12, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  5. Does anyone recommend Prep-U?
    prep u was required for our class. it is good and the only study material i used. passed in 75 no review class. it is just lippencotts questions. it is nice that it works on your phone anywhere you...
    Jul 12, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  6. First day reality check
    did you work full time during your pre req's? if so you can most likely pull it off. you will have no life besides work and school but it can be done. I work full time and do just fine. in fact i was...
    Sep 5, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  7. Want to start a nursing career..
    if you already have a bachelors get a bsn it will be about the same amount of time.
    Sep 5, '12
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  8. Not exactly full time, 0.9, but how should I schedule myself?
    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. The problem is that almost all hospitals are owned by corporations, and the number one concern of any corporation is profit. When I entered my prerequisites for...
    Jul 25, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  9. Working full-time throughout nursing school
    I am a patient care technician. It is basically a CNA with a little extra in hospital training to do things like EKG's DC (discontinue) Foleys and IV's. in the ER you may also be asked to things like...
    Dec 14, '11
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing
  10. Working full-time throughout nursing school
    I am in a similar boat. I work full time Thr,Fri,sat, 12 hr nights. Just took my final for the first semester and was the only overall A in the class. there were other that didn’t work at all and...
    Dec 13, '11
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing
  11. Dilemma! Should I change schools??
    i just have to ask. why will you be getting a free waiver?
    Sep 14, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  12. School starts tomorrow!
    O.P same here and I feel the same way. we have our CNA check offs, and medical abbreviation test the first day, and a med math test the second week. if we don't get 100% by the start of the third...
    Aug 21, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  13. Will CNA experience in LTC help get a nursing job after graduation?
    I would try for a hospital job. Being CNA in a acute care is very different than long term care. I just have to ask why would you prefer ltc for CNA? I have worked both, and prefer the hospital...
    Aug 16, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  14. differential diagnosis for aortic stenosis
    My wife has been working on this for a couple of weeks, and I want to help her out and get going in the right direction. her original one was coacertation of the aorta but now she feels that is...
    Jul 31, '11
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  15. Nurses targeted for real estate agents?
    I bet if you were to respond you would get a reply on how they could train you (for a fee). Most likely some diploma mill. This would have to be about the worst time to be a real-estate agent. They...
    Jun 30, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  16. Am I an idiot for choosing the BSN route rather than the ADN...?
    In reality both are good choices; it all depends on one’s personal situation. So neither one should be saying to the other you are making a bad choice. It sounds like you are doing some wise...
    Jun 29, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  17. Anyone ever have a famous person as a patient?
    Not in a hospital but before I worked in a hospital I was a bricklayer for twenty years, so no HIPPA to worry about. We did a house for stenstrum when he was quarterback of the Chicago bears. He...
    Jun 23, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  18. You MUST be freaking kidding me!?
    if the DON just hired " a bunch" of new nurses, chances are one or two are not going to work out so you might get an opening sooner than you think.
    Jun 22, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  19. When did you take the TEAS?
    just a few weeks before my application there is allot of micro and A&P on the teas V, so it is advantagouse to wait if you can
    Jun 18, '11
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  20. Adn program cost?
    If you already have a BA you should look into an acelorated BSN program. you would most likely get done in the same amount of time but have a BSN. those numbers just don't seem right for a CC. sounds...
    Jun 18, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  21. Harper College vs. Northwestern College
    where are the clinicles for each? that may make a difference as to which to choose. i personaly would choose an established one over a new one.
    Jun 17, '11
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  22. Great First Day!!!
    I take it you havent worked as a CNA? that will most likely be the last time you are exited about bed baths. bedans. and pericare LOL. congrats i start this fall :)
    Jun 12, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. Best Chicago area RN programs @ community colleges
    For most if not all of the community colleges you need to be in district. If you established an in district address and, but lived in the city you would have to look up the metra rail system, but...
    Jun 10, '11
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  24. Best Chicago area RN programs @ community colleges
    That is kind of hard to answer, for I think there are allot. I am from the north west suburbs of Chicago so here is my list in no particular order. Harper, Elgin community college, college of lake...
    Jun 10, '11
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  25. Any McHenry county college students ???
    I was just accepted now I am wondering what to study ahead of time, and what your true thoughts of the program are?
    Jun 10, '11
    Forum: Illinois Nursing

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