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  1. Metro state ANO program
    I called them today and they said all letters were sent out yesterday afternoon. But I wonder if the ones who get accepted should receive an email first.
    Nov 9, '11
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  2. Metro State Accreditation
    Thanks for your updated information, MBH021411. That is what I have heared from the nursing chair. I hope to see you in January as well. Good luck!
    Oct 1, '11
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  3. Metro State Accreditation
    I just checked NLNAC's website. "If full compliance with the accreditation standards is not demonstrated within two years, continuing accreditation will be denied." Anyone who applied for metro's...
    Aug 17, '11
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  4. Metro state ANO program
    By the way, after you submited the application, are they gonna give us something to comfirm that they have received it?
    Aug 10, '11
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  5. Metro state ANO program
    Thank you! But what is BLS?
    Aug 7, '11
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  6. Metro state ANO program
    Thank you so much for replying! I think I am gonna come back on Nov 21, do you guys think it is ok?
    Aug 7, '11
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  7. Metro state ANO program
    I have applied for Metro's 2012 ANO program. I am also planning to go out of this country for a few months until Nov. Does anyone know when are they gonna send us the decision letters and if I am...
    Aug 1, '11
    Forum: Colorado Nursing

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