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  1. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    In my interview, the ladies mentioned that clinical rotation is a huge part of the program and that those might happen on weekends or evenings. Then on Banner, it shows the intro ADN class as meeting...
    Jun 20, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  2. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    Mine went fine - I'm not really worried or concerned with the fact that they didn't introduce themselves or things like that. I mean, these women are going to be there probably for the next few days...
    Jun 18, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  3. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    **"Qualified students" meaning those who are qualified for an interview will be notified this week. Sorry. Wasn't sure if I sounded clear or not.
    Jun 13, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  4. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    I think you guys might be reading into the specific wording just a bit too much. In the program info, it says "if selected" simply because not everyone will be picked for an interview, even if they...
    Jun 13, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  5. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    I am not in yet - I have my interview next week. But I've never heard that about either. Doesn't make sense to me that it wouldn't be covered. Can I ask where you heard this?
    Jun 13, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  6. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    When you say financial aid, do you mean student loans? I have Pell and Hope at CTC, and haven't had any issues.
    Jun 13, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  7. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    Oh man. Mine is Tuesday at 8:30am. Am I the earliest one??! I want all those Monday people to give us a heads up, HA! I would hate to be the first one to go!
    Jun 12, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  8. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    I got my email today, too. I mailed my app in on the 15th. I have a 3.91 GPA and made an 88 on the TEAS. I don't have any if the applicable experience that garners extra points, though. Don't give up...
    Jun 11, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  9. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    Alright everyone - that time is drawing near!! I just took the TEAS this morning and am pretty happy about the results - scored an 88.0% overall. The math was roughest for me - I'm just weak in that...
    May 13, '13
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  10. Clinical placement with DUI's
    Have any of you ever been denied or run into problems being placed into clinicals while in nursing school because of a spotty background check?
    Jan 9, '13
    Forum: Nursing Licensure With A Criminal History
  11. Nursing Student with a criminal past... need honest advice.
    I've read a few things on different forums about those of us who are trying to become a nurse despite having a few bad marks on our records. Most of what I see is encouraging, but I am troubled...
    Jan 8, '13
    Forum: Nursing Licensure With A Criminal History
  12. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    If you don't mind me asking, what kinds of questions in both math and science did they ask? Is there anything in particular I should be focusing on?
    Aug 1, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  13. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    I haven't taken the TEAS yet, but I want to soon. I plan on definitely taking it twice. Unless I score in the 90's on the first try! I'm concerned about the math portion. I'm so awful at math. I have...
    Jul 30, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  14. Chattahoochee Tech 2013
    Hello! I'm also a student at Chatt Tech, hoping to apply for the Fall 2013 admittance for the ADN program - the ONLY concern I have is that, despite all my A's and good GPA, that the one B I...
    Jul 27, '12
    Forum: Georgia Nursing

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