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  1. PT's that require a private room
    I have Googled this info and nothing really came up that was worth my while. So, i'm going to ask my fellow students and the nurses on here for some help. What type of patients need a private...
    Aug 12, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. Need help with prioritization
    Greater than 600 means hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state which is highly fatal but this is not the case.
    Aug 9, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  3. Need help with prioritization
    The signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia are: diaphoresis, cold and clammy skin, weakness, nausea, mental confusion, personality changes, altered level of consciousness, headache, anxiety, tremor, and...
    Aug 9, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  4. Need help with prioritization
    Who would you see first? 1.) Pt with a blood sugar of less than 50 2.) Pt with a blood sugar of more than 350 3.) Diabetic pt who just got out of surgery (got his toe amputated)
    Aug 9, '13
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  5. Will CA take Excelsior RN to UPhoenix BSN online?
    I know that in CA, the Excelsior RN is not recognized. If i finish the Excelsior RN and go to University of Phoenix for the RN to BSN, will CA accept or recognize it then since it will be a...
    Dec 24, '12
    Forum: Excelsior College Online Nursing
  6. Great PDR book...
    Can anyone suggest a great PDR with rationale's. Thanks.
    Aug 16, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  7. MA or RI ISU LPN-BSN program
    Although the ISU program in MA or RI is not recognized by the state, is there a possibility of completing the ISU LPN-BSN program in MA or RI??? How is the clinical arranged or how do you find...
    Aug 13, '12
    Forum: Indiana State University Online Nursing
  8. Teas V strategy...
    I know that there are 4 sections in the TEAS V exam and the maximum allotted time is 3 hours. Is each section 40 minutes? I can do math and science easily but reading takes a lot of my time. If i...
    Aug 8, '12
    Forum: TEAS Exam Help
  9. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
    Well, i got into: Quinnipiac Univ in CT, Fairfield Univ in CT, Becker college in MA, and New england tech in RI. Again, the problem is the cost. I applied to public 4 year colleges as well as...
    Aug 8, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  10. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
    I have a previous bachelors in business and for the past 2 years i have been denied for two years in a row at public schools. Every private school that i have applied to, i was accepted. The...
    Aug 7, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  11. License revocation
    Basically, i haven't done anything wrong but i'd like to know what to avoid out there...
    Aug 5, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  12. License revocation
    Based on your experience, what are some of the things that you have seen or heard in the field that resulted in someone losing his or her license?
    Aug 3, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  13. Do I need a BSN if I have a MA & years of research experience?
    If it is financially feasible for you to go to a BSN program or Accelerated program, go for it. If not, community colleges is still the best route. The 5 to 10 thousand that you will pay is merely...
    Jul 4, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  14. What campus should i apply to with CCRI in Rhode Island?
    I have 4 classes to go before i can apply to the nursing program at CCRI (i am taking all 4 for the fall). Now, i don't know what campus to apply to. I have heard that the campus in Warwick is...
    Jul 4, '12
    Forum: Rhode Island Nursing
  15. Eastern Univ in PA
    Good evening everyone...i am trying to inquire about the accelerated nursing program at Eastern Univ in Pa. Anyone out there that was a student or a current student. What is the program like? How...
    Feb 2, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  16. Accelerated BSN @ Fairfield Univ
    Are you saying that private schools are much easier to get into since they cost more? I noticed that a lot when i called a few public colleges. They told me that they usually get more applicants...
    Jan 24, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  17. Accelerated BSN @ Fairfield Univ
    In reading the requirements on their website, 3.0 is required to get into nursing program. I didn't do good in college for my undergrad (i have a 3.05 cumulative GPA) and have about a b average for...
    Jan 24, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion

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