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  1. NY LPNs where are all the new grad jobs help!
    hey lady i found a job been here for a year its in a clinic i also worked in a nursing home for a few months just for the experience but it was nasty lol where do you live in ny?
    Jun 29, '12
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
    stephaniee thanks i would be going in as an lpn to rn student im taking prereqs now but its just one of my options
    Mar 17, '11
    Forum: New York Nursing
  3. How many LPN's had phlebotomy including in their course?
    in nys LPNs dont get iv therapy or phlebotomy you can become iv certified though
    Jan 28, '11
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  4. oboy i got the popup via pearsonvue website oboy oboy!
    congrats the trick totally works
    Jan 28, '11
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  5. NY LPNs where are all the new grad jobs help!
    Anyone here from nyc or upstate ny where are all the jobs for new grads im currently taking my prereqs but i need to use my skills
    Jan 28, '11
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  6. NYC LPN Schools -- comments or thoughts
    NO you cannot become an LPN after 1st year in RN school nys no longer allows you to sit for the boards if you go to RN school those are the boards you sit for
    Jan 27, '11
    Forum: New York Nursing
    Can anyone shed some light on this program
    Jan 25, '11
    Forum: New York Nursing
  8. Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn
    yes goldwater is fairly new its good though because its very cheap hhc ( harlem,bellvue the city hospitals)also has a program to help their employees become RNs so look into employment with them when...
    Jan 25, '11
    Forum: New York Nursing
  9. Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn
    i cant believe this post is still active im the original poster if any1 cares i never even attended the program i moved upstate and went to boces im currently taking classes for my RN so good luck it...
    Jan 24, '11
    Forum: New York Nursing
  10. Suny rockland lpn to rn?
    hey guys Im a new LPN passed my boards in sept still no job but i am kinda picky. I will not put my license in jeopardy after the work i put in :) anyway im just trying to find out if any of you guy...
    Jan 21, '11
    Forum: New York Nursing
  11. Anywhere I can take BIO 101 in NY?
    hi im not sure exactly where in ny you are but some high schools offer bio, chemistry and math for adults check your local school district
    Sep 6, '10
    Forum: New York Nursing
  12. Mildred Elley NYC LPN Program
    mildred elly is a scam do not go there they are extremely expensive especially for the lpn program. they are all about the money!! the program in Albany ny charges like 20000 boces is shorter 9-10...
    Jul 21, '10
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  13. Helene fuld nyc anyone applied yet???
    hi everyone im kinda new here this is my 3rd time registering. so i finally graduated from lpn school july 15th interested in going back for my RN accelerated style :nurse: has anyone applied here
    Jul 20, '10
    Forum: New York Nursing

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