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  1. Is it me or Is it hard to find jobs in Texas?
    I came from Mississippi to Texas in May to look for a job. I have 3 years Med-Surg experience. I went to two hospitals in Northwest Houston suburbia, received two interviews, one on the spot, and...
    Aug 1, '11
    Forum: Texas Nursing
  2. Hospital will not hire tobacco users
    You guys are missing the most important aspect of this no nicotine policy. Where in hell are they going to find respiratory therapists?I can count the fingers on one hand the number of RTs that I...
    Jul 20, '11
    Forum: Nursing News
  3. Any new grads having a hard time finding a job??
    what unit? been there 3 years now in med-surg.
    Mar 19, '11
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  4. Any other EMS professionals turned nurses having issues!
    Jarnaes, "Screw the calling" all you want, but it is exactly why I became a nurse. I gladly took a $30,000 per year pay cut for the "calling." We all come to our professions and passions in very...
    Oct 18, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  5. Do you see yourself retiring from nursing, or will you change professions?
    Nursing is my third (or is it fourth?) career. Unless I go back to medical school at 55 (not likely) it will be my last. Just bury me with my stethimascope, my red pen, and a couple of vials of MSO4.
    Aug 4, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  6. Worried about possible future job
    Where do you work? I don't want to go somewhere that does not provide some sort of corrective procedure before disciniplary action.
    Jun 29, '10
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  7. Helen Mirren says many hookers came from nursing profession
    Yep. there are more serious issues out there, but the ignorance of the statement ... As for myself, I don't think I'll be found in a Nevada brothel anytime soon, on either side of the ledger. ...
    Jun 16, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  8. Helen Mirren says many hookers came from nursing profession
    Hmmm. What the hell does this say about me? Does Mirren think I am homosexual because I am a male in a female dominated profession, another oft-repeated misconception. On second thought,...
    Jun 15, '10
    Forum: Nursing News
  9. Want the real scoop on new grad pay in Mississippi?
    Just one of the girls again. the other didn't make sense.
    Apr 27, '10
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  10. Want the real scoop on new grad pay in Mississippi?
    Ladies? Oh, well. Just of the girls again.
    Apr 26, '10
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  11. failed random drug test
    Unfortunately, taking a scheduled medicine (pain med?) for which you have no script is a very serious situation and may very well be sent to the MBON. If it is, make sure you have legal...
    Mar 29, '10
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  12. Why are Hinds CC Nursing Students Failing?
    I've worked with Hinds grads, grads from Holmes, MC, UMC, USM, Alcorn, Delta State, etc. It really does not matter what school you attend. What matters is the nurse you become. When people tell you...
    Aug 31, '09
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  13. Would you encourage someone who was considering nursing school?
    I picked neutral for my own reason, not those listed above. I think that if someone can be talked out of nursing by telling them the truth of what they will do, then they should be. If someone...
    Aug 4, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  14. Anyone else waiting to hear from Holmes CC?
    May 2008 grad from Ridgeland campus. I was 47 years old when I started, and at 50, I have just completed my first year as a registered nurse. I was NOT the oldest accepted into the class, just the...
    Jun 6, '09
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  15. Pay Rate For New Nurses In Jackson
    Last I heard, it's $19.00/hr.
    May 21, '09
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  16. Has anyone heard of Western Governor's University?
    Hmmm, a CCNE accredited diploma mill. Interesting.
    May 10, '09
    Forum: Western Governors University Online Nursing
  17. Was this an appropriate order?
    MDs read previous orders and the Progress Notes in the chart. Leaving a message physically in the Progress Notes and a sticky in the orders are the best you can do sometimes. RNs have more to do, and...
    Apr 24, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  18. Online program recommendations
    Zenman, you do know that Hamils moved to a brand new building. They're not in the rickety, old house anymore. The food is still good though. (I live less than a mile from Hamil's.)
    Dec 8, '08
    Forum: Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  19. Commercial proposal
    Tell me what you think. (Opening shot of a man from the neck up.) MAN: If the game's on the line, every team has someone they want to have the ball and the game on their shoulders....
    Oct 23, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  20. Finding work in hattiesburg
    I've lived in the Jackson area all but two years of my life. It's just my wife and I, so I'm not worried about the night life. The Hub City is 1 hour from the gulf, 1 1/2 hours from The Big Easy, and...
    Aug 24, '08
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  21. Finding work in hattiesburg
    Starting pay for hospitals in the Jackson area is 18.50 for new grads. I do not know about Madison County Medical Center, but they are owned by the same people that own River Oaks, Central...
    Aug 24, '08
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  22. Canyon College
    Canyon College is a degree mill. A nursing degree without NLN or CCNE is useless. If you must get a nursing degree without professional accreditation, then go with Governor's State, Walden U., or...
    Aug 23, '08
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  23. Finding work in hattiesburg
    my question is one I have for myself: "With pay $2.00 higher away from Jackson, why am I still here?"
    Aug 23, '08
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  24. Holmes ADN
    Purchase requirements = about $1000 in books plus uniforms, stethiscope, BP meter (can't pronounce, so how can I spell it), and lots of gasoline for the commute. As far as the schedule of...
    Jul 18, '08
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  25. Are Students Protesting HESI??
    I made in the low 800s on the HESI exit exam, which was NOT required for graduation. 75 questions and four agonizing days after NCLEX, I passed. How did HESI do evaluating my potential for passing...
    Jul 10, '08
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure

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