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  1. Working conditions @ ProHealth/Waukesha Memorial
    How long does it take for ProHealth HR to get back to you? I sent a thank you email to the nurse manager and got a "good luck with your job search" reply.
    Feb 3, '12
    Forum: Wisconsin Nursing
  2. Columbia-St.Marys
    Does anyone know what the situation is at CSM? I know from JSOnline that some managers were fired but what about the nursing staff?:confused:
    Jun 20, '11
    Forum: Wisconsin Nursing
  3. Aurora Health Care - Milwaukee
    Yes, you have been blacklisted. HR and middle management can be very vindictive. I've seen very good nurses fired because they refused to bow down to the unit manager or the powerful charge nurse. ...
    Jun 16, '11
    Forum: Wisconsin Nursing
  4. RN refresher classes in the Milwaukee area
    I have been a SAHM for the past six years. I am thinking about going back to work but I have been out of work for six years. I have had 1 year experience in a medical unit and 15 years experience...
    Jun 11, '11
    Forum: Wisconsin Nursing
  5. Aurora Health Care - Milwaukee
    I worked for Aurora for 12 years. When I started there in the 90's it was ok. They were very good with continuing education classes and even gave gift cards during the holidays. My last year was...
    Jun 11, '11
    Forum: Wisconsin Nursing

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