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  1. I guess it's time to find a plan b...
    Can you retake any of the old classes to improve the grades? Also, I know some schools will let you appeal to exclude entire semesters of grades from your GPA, but it has to be all grades for that...
    May 21, '13
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  2. Spring 2012 Penn Valley
    I still haven't heard a thing. Kinda disheartening when enrollment for Spring semester starts in 2 weeks. I need to know what classes to sign up for. If I'm not accepted, I'm just taking the...
    Oct 24, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  3. Spring 2012 Penn Valley
    I also applied to the evening/weekend program. I have already figured out how many points I will have (5.82) but not sure it will be good enough if they have had that many applicants. It kinda hurt...
    Oct 7, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  4. Spring 2012 Penn Valley
    I received that postcard as well. I received another one this week that says due to the unexpected large number of applicants, review time is taking longer than anticipated... Hopefully we hear...
    Oct 6, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  5. Spring 2012 Penn Valley
    Did anyone apply to Penn Valley's Spring 2012 ADN program? They said you should get a letter back a month after the application deadline explaining points and if you were selected to take the TEAS....
    Sep 20, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  6. Any one apply to the Penn Valley ADN fall 2011 program?
    Kaap, go to their website. It is All of the info is right there
    Sep 20, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  7. Penn Valleys RN evening weekend program in 2012???
    I'm planning on applying for it. After this semester I will have all the pre-reqs and micro done. If I keep going the way I've been going I should have 6 points but I'm still not sure I will have...
    Feb 13, '11
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  8. Kansas City area nursing school options
    So, I am feeling kinda defeated right now. I was trying to do everything I could to get into the Penn Valley RN program next Fall but to get enough points to have a fighting chance, I need to get my...
    Aug 18, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  9. Sanford Brown College of St. Peters, MO LPN to ADN RN
    I don't know much about Sanford Brown's nursing programs in St Louis, but I can give my experience with the school in general here in Kansas City. Sanford Brown here is now known as Colorado...
    Aug 18, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing
  10. Penn Valley RN Program...What is like?
    The LPN program there is considered credited courses and I know to take any classes for credit you do have to take the compass tests. I hadn't been to school in nearly 10 years and I still managed to...
    May 9, '10
    Forum: Missouri Nursing

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