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  1. the SEE exam
    I was wondering how long it took for you to get your test results. and if it gave you a breakdown of the test.
    May 6, '09
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist (SRNA)
  2. "Must have's" for school and clinical
    My Garmin GPS. I can't live without it. Having to find these hospitals at 5 in the morning in town I don't know. If you are moving away from your hometown a GPS is a must have. Crystal
    Oct 28, '08
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist (SRNA)
  3. Allegheny Valley/Laroche in PA
    We started class Sept 4th and Started clinicals October 10th or so. SO we were in the OR after only one month not 4. As far as balances everything you learn to take it one day at a time. We where in...
    Oct 1, '08
    Forum: Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist (SRNA)
  4. ICU Night Shift--Good or Bad?
    I worked Nights for 8 years in a place just like you described got into the CRNA school of choice first time. I can also tell you that not having residents and MD in the hospital with me at night and...
    May 16, '08
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  5. Online Rn- BSN in PA
    I was wondering about RN-BSN online programs in PA. My husband is looking for one that is majority online. I am in CRNA school and he is taking care of the kids. Thanks for any info
    Dec 15, '07
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  6. Acceptance from alternate list.
    I was accepted off the alternate list to the school that I am attending in fact of the 21 students 6 of us are alternates. I came from a real small hospital in the south and I do have to agree with...
    Dec 9, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  7. Living While in CRNA School
    MB37, Where do you live at, I know my Hospital I work at they still do a upfront tution and stipend for a contract. So yes it is still done. I start this week in Pittsburgh although I am from...
    Aug 22, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  8. CRNA class size?
    We have 20 in our class at Allegheny Valley in Pittsburgh starting this August.
    Aug 4, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  9. Online BSN programs in Pennsylvania
    My husband and I are moving from Arkansas and He is looking for a completely online BSN program. I am starting NA school in August and he will have to be the mom and dad so going to class is not an...
    Jul 22, '07
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  10. Arkansas State University anesthesia program
    You don't take a test before. They give you a sheet of paper with 10 questions on it. This is the questions they will ask you during the interview its self.
    Jul 15, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  11. what are my chances with these stat??
    I was accepted with a 950. Call the school that you are applying they will tell you how heavy they way the GRE. Good Luck
    Jun 29, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  12. last order
    My last day is Friday and I can't wait. It is a great feeling knowing that in a couple of years I will finally be done with school for a while. Good luck to you in school.
    Jun 26, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  13. Gre
    I got in with a 950 and 3.5. My GPA was 3.89 undergrad. I also had been a nurse for 7 years, but only 3 years of ICU a small ICU. I have passed my CCRN but that has been since I was accepted. Never...
    Jun 3, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  14. Allegheny Valley
    did you get my reply to your PM. Do you know how many is in our class. I am flying in on Tuesday to look at housing and everything.
    May 17, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  15. Allegheny Valley
    Yes I got it and send you a long one back. Anyway I am from Arkansas. So yes I have a big move to make this summer, but I am ready.
    May 6, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  16. Allegheny Valley
    I tried to PM you but it won't let me.
    May 4, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  17. New to the Board - Advice welcomed!
    Alot of the colleges only look at your last 60 hours, which is mainly nursing. Do good to the GRE, get your one year of ICU expierence and excellent reference letters and you will be fine. I was...
    Apr 27, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  18. Those stupid GRE scores to count....
    I used the Kaplan GRE exam book. It came with a CD disk that had a math tutor that started all the way with simple fractions and worked up through every thing.
    Apr 26, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  19. Allegheny Valley
    Just wondering if there are any Allegheny Student on for the upcoming class. Can't wait to meet you.
    Apr 25, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  20. Cath lab? ICU burnout
    I would say move to the cath lab. I also worked in ICU for 3 years got burned out and moved to Interventional Radiology. I start anesthesia school in August 07. I have learned so much working in...
    Apr 12, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  21. Who's going to Anesthesia school?
    I am off the alternate list and offically in at Allegheny Valley August 2007. Thanks to all that has help me with the interviews.
    Apr 8, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  22. Who's going to Anesthesia school?
    Congrats Calvin That is my first choice school. Send me a PM.
    Mar 19, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  23. Allegheny Valley
    I haven't heard anything back yet.
    Mar 1, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  24. Acceptance Letters University of Pittsburgh????
    Someone said letters were going out first of March, I think. Good Luck I hope you get in. I met a few people that where interviewing there during our allegheny valley interview.
    Feb 25, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  25. Minneapolis School of Anesthesia interview?
    I was just wondering what you guys that are on the alternate list stats where. Do you guys automatically get in next year or do you have to reapply. I would take the alternate list then a flat out...
    Feb 22, '07
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry