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  1. Working at River Region Medical Center
    Hi AmberMay, Just wanted to know how ur interview went and if u are working at river region yet, If so how do u like it and what department r u working. I have heard some great things about River...
    Dec 19, '10
    Forum: Mississippi Nursing
  2. UCLA New Grad Program or Local?
    Hey I too got called for a phone interview. Any idea as to what they will ask? Im so nervous. Any ideas or info you would have would be appreciated. Thanks
    Sep 17, '08
    Forum: California Nursing
  3. Denver Health Question
    Hey Im from Cali too but currently live in NV and graduate in Nov. Can you tell me if Denver Health offers Loan repayment and how it works(how much) Also do they have a new grad program? thanks for...
    Aug 20, '08
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  4. Any NICU info for Atlanta?
    I am contemplating moving from Nevada with my daughter to GA to work at Northside. Can oyu tell me if they offer loan repayment and if so how much a year. Also whats the starting pay at that...
    Aug 17, '08
    Forum: Georgia Nursing
  5. New to Denver...New to nursing.
    Hey good info thanks. I am also from out of state and planning on working in Denver when I graduate which is the end of this year. Any other words of advice. Also do you know that starting pay for...
    Aug 10, '08
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  6. LKMC- Great Opportunity!!!
    Can you let me know if you ended up working there, and or what would u suggest as I plan on moving to Fl when I graduate. Do you have any suggestions as to what hospitals offer the best pay,loan...
    Aug 8, '08
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  7. Does anyone work at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center
    Can someone tell me as far as the new grad residency program, does UCLA medical center offer loan repayment? When do the programs start and what are the chances of getting into the program? My GPA...
    Aug 7, '08
    Forum: California Nursing

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