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  1. Home based RN business
    My company provides -patient advocacy services for disabled individuals (ensure that all of the orders and treatment plans are carried out...this individuals typically have unlicensed caregivers...
    Feb 28, '13
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  2. Home based RN business
    Answers to your questions: Yes, incorporate your business even if you're a solopreneur. Protect your personal assets and separate those from your business. Yes, both malpractice insurance and...
    Feb 28, '13
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  3. Independent contractor vs. agency nurse in a hospital
    The taxes are ultimately your responsibility, but certainly don't be overwhelmed by this. Essentially the hospital pays your company (you) a flat fee for hours worked. Let's say you were charging...
    Apr 2, '12
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  4. I hate being a nurse
    I just wanted to "pop in" again on this topic as it's pretty disheartening to hear about many of you facing the challenges that you actually do as a nurse. Let me preface here (and I think I said...
    Mar 31, '12
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  5. Independent contractor vs. agency nurse in a hospital
    I typically recommend a nurse set themselves up as a business. Even if it's a single owner/run entity, you want to convey the message that the hospital is doing business, well, with an actual...
    Mar 31, '12
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  6. New grad woes: cannot get hired as a RN. Advice?
    Advice that I give nursing students and new graduates: Build your Brand Change your email address to gmail (ditch yahoo or hotmail), and definitely get a new account if your address is...
    Oct 30, '11
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  7. I hate being a nurse
    I'm going to keep this simple. All I can say is that this is unfortunate. I understand that nursing isn't for everyone, and professionals do leave the field. Heck, various professionals in other...
    Oct 25, '11
    Forum: Nursing Career Advice
  8. Keep this forum alive: Be an entrepreneur
    Yiggs, I don't believe I've received a PM or direct email, but I'm happy to help in any way that I can. My business is still going strong and I'm also in the middle of developing a resource for...
    Sep 11, '11
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  9. Home based RN business
    Essentially, you're considered an independent nurse consultant or in some cases or states, you may be considered a private duty nurse. Does your board of nursing prohibit you from practicing...
    Mar 8, '11
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  10. Keep this forum alive: Be an entrepreneur
    This is what I've been striving for. The more nurse entrepreneurs the better. I'm always happy to share information.
    May 20, '10
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  11. Foot Care Business
    In VA, are you able to bill insurance directly? That's not necessarily a must. I work with a lot of disabled clients who have to see a DPM regularly for foot care, but one service that would...
    Nov 26, '09
    Forum: Foot Care Nursing
  12. Is it feasable to do your own contract work for an employer?
    In my experience, it is best to set yourself up as an "entity" of some kind. LLC, Corp, etc. Hospitals that contract with these agencies want a little piece of mind that they are contracting with an...
    Nov 26, '09
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  13. What are the qualities of a successful entrepreneur?
    Able to communicate effectively Integrity You need a supportive Partner/Spouse (might not get paid for awhile) Passion Competitive "edge" Strong work ethic The ability to lead Organizational...
    Aug 27, '09
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  14. Starting private duty nursing in Denver
    I would agree with the statement about a metropolis (really any town) has a need for independent nurses. I have been fortunate to grow my business and experience a lot of great opportunities....
    Jun 30, '09
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  15. CO Independent Contractors (IC), Business Owners, Consultants
    Hope, You make a very valid point and this is certainly a concern for anyone who wants to become a small business owner or independent consultant-in any industry. There are definitely ways...
    May 17, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  16. CO Independent Contractors (IC), Business Owners, Consultants
    Sounds great. If you ever need to bounce an idea just let me know. I find myself marketing/selling other nurses' services because there is plenty that is outside of my realm or expertise. I love...
    May 14, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  17. CO Independent Contractors (IC), Business Owners, Consultants
    Forgot to mention. You can work as an IC in a hospital. I'm still trying to find an old listing, but I believe it was PSL that was hiring IC's at one time (not that long ago). This was my next...
    May 13, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  18. CO Independent Contractors (IC), Business Owners, Consultants
    I basically fell into becoming independent. I had moved back to Colorado after working at Hopkins and thought that I would just pick up a few shifts per diem with hospitals or through an agency. ...
    May 13, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  19. CO Independent Contractors (IC), Business Owners, Consultants
    I wanted to create some buzz in Colorado, or at least start here on this board. Maybe a few of you have posted or at least visited the nurse entrepreneur section of this message board. I'm...
    May 12, '09
    Forum: Colorado Nursing
  20. Independent Nurse Contractor
    I am not a member of this organization, but I was aware they existed. I would actually be curious to find out who is a member. I believe organizations and message boards like this help provide...
    May 11, '09
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  21. New hire: Emp vs Indep Cont
    If you don't mind setting yourself up as an IC and playing by the rules (i.e. taxes), then I say go for it. Just make sure your pay reflects being an IC. There are a lot of cost that you will absorb....
    Apr 27, '09
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  22. Starting private duty nursing in Denver
    Just apply to the agencies as an independent contractor. Just make sure to come up with a fee (salary) that will cover your overhead. You're paying your taxes, mileage, etc., so don't sell yourself...
    Apr 6, '09
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing
  23. How does our license come into play?
    It can be an overwhelming task to stay on top of these caseloads. Even when you have your day or week planned out, there are usually a couple of "fires" that need to be put out. Managing difficult or...
    Apr 4, '09
    Forum: Developmental Disabilities
  24. How does our license come into play?
    What does your particular nurse practice act state as far as delegating tasks such as medication administration? You say the you have a QRMP supervising this. Is this an RN and if so is the RN...
    Mar 27, '09
    Forum: Developmental Disabilities
  25. Tool for small business
    Welcome Kathryn, Much luck on your future endeavors. With a little a hard work and persistence I know you can succeed like many of us are trying to do or have already accomplished.
    Feb 10, '09
    Forum: Entrepreneurs in Nursing