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  1. Poll to " former" new grads. How did you land that 1st job?
    I was hired by an HIT company a year before a graduated.... That got my foot in the door to a major (and majorly picky) CA medical center. I was interviewed with 350 others and landed a job after one...
    Sep 1, '12
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  2. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2012
    you will find out what unit you are on during the last week of orientation, on Wednesday. then you tour the unit on the last day of orientation (friday).
    Aug 21, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  3. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2012
    expect 2 weeks of orientation in a classroom... and they go over every part of all the tests before you take them... no need to review before hand.
    Aug 20, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  4. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2012
    you must complete the health clearance before you start... i started last week and I dealt with this already
    Aug 15, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  5. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2012
    actually, that isn't the case. I am not graduating for another two weeks and have been placed in the first cohort that starts July 23rd while someone else I know graduated May 18th and has been...
    Jun 4, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  6. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2012
    they already started sending rejection emails and I know of one person who got called for a job offer yesterday. fingers crossed!
    Jun 1, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  7. Where is there no wait to go to school?
    if your grades/test scores are good enough you won't have to wait at all.
    Oct 21, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  8. Serious Question
    i am prescribed adderall for my ADHD, it really calms me down and helps me concentrate so i can study without being distracted as easily. I don't take it while i'm at school because i don't want...
    Oct 18, '09
    Forum: Nursing Student Assistance
  9. Financial Aid Problems... please help
    have you thought about applying for scholarships? its pretty easy and there are TONS out there! good luck to you, hopefully you get this all sorted out. :specs:
    Oct 11, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  10. Clinical Uniforms
    we were given the option to buy ours through our school for $20 a set, but i bought mine through a local uniform shop before i knew they were available at our school. i like mine much better, and...
    Oct 8, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  11. A's and B's...but I feel like a failure....
    don't beat yourself up over it! you are gonna be FINE! i got a C in sociology, a B in English and a B in general psych because i was young, and did not care about my schooling. I guess i "grew up" a...
    Oct 5, '09
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  12. I want to practice my injectables
    hot dogs!
    Oct 5, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  13. Is it HORRIBLE to get C's on a test?
    Once a 4.0 student, our new motto is "C means Continue!"
    Oct 2, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  14. need advice on applying to CSU (LB/LA) and other CSU nursing programs
    i would stay put in a community college and finish ur prereqs there. most CSU's are not taking any applicants until fall 2010 anyways, atleast my school, CSULA isn't. if you transfer now, you may not...
    Oct 2, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  15. I've gotta figure out a way to lose weight while in nursing school
    im sure you have heard this before but its all about lifestyle change. healthy diet and regular exercise!
    Sep 26, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  16. What do i do?
    u need to do your research on every cal state, just as i have done. i applied to many of the cal states with a 3.8 GPA and was only accepted to 1, and waitlisted at 2 others, and not accepted to the...
    Sep 25, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  17. I see a lot of complaining about professors..have
    i always choose my teachers based on and i have always had the best teachers!
    Sep 24, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  18. Is it true all Cal States are closing for a year?
    i know my school, CSU Los angeles, is not taking any new applicants until fall 2010 as of right now. being on the quarter system that means no new students winter, spring or summer. they may not...
    Sep 23, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  19. HELP!! I need guidance I saw someone cheating
    i would stay out of it... it will eventually catch up with her.
    Sep 23, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  20. Are ADN Programs Easier To Get Into Than BSN Programs
    well don't give up! i had to apply in NOVEMBER 08 to start in September 09. such a joke! good luck to you!
    Sep 1, '09
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  21. Are ADN Programs Easier To Get Into Than BSN Programs
    in california, it seems BSN programs are easier to get into because of less applicants. more people apply to ADN programs because they are less expensive and have less prereqs
    Sep 1, '09
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  22. having a bad day? maybe this will help
    how do u find the post insulting if it does not make any sense?
    Aug 23, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  23. Teas Help!!! If you have recieved a good score on your TEAS READ
    i not only bought the TEAS study manual from, but i also bought two other nursing school entrance exam study guides from borders. i felt those two books helped me more than the TEAS...
    Aug 22, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
    with the csu's i applied for, most looked at sociology as a co-requisite. dunno if that helps, but i would assume they would look at sociology over anthro.
    Aug 16, '09
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  25. How did you decide where you wanted to go to nursing school?
    i applied to 11 different schools all over california. i was born and raised in northern CA, now living in southern CA, so i didn't mind moving somewhere different if needed. i am wait listed at 2...
    Aug 10, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student

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