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  1. Labor Dispute
    I got that call too. I did a little searching and found this link.
    Jan 12, '13
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  2. home health nursing job
    mumarada, You don't mention how much hospital experience you had before you started working for the doctor's office. I had 5 yrs of hospital experience in ICU, CCU, Post Pump, and Labor and...
    Jan 11, '12
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  3. I'm looking for another HH job!....Rant.
    Ditto that! I have patients report every so often that one of my office staff or one of my Nurse Case Managers was rude. I apologize profusely and then we all laugh about it because I know it isn't...
    Jan 7, '12
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  4. home health nursing job
    I totally agree with Ash2012. You really should get some hands on clinical experience before you go into home health. In a hospital setting there is always someone to consult or to act as a...
    Jan 7, '12
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  5. Can I be a nurse with a criminal history?
    Sorry to say, but this may come back to haunt you. I would definitely consult a lawyer. Even if you were able to get your license, getting a job may be a problem. We have a question on our...
    Jan 6, '12
    Forum: Nursing Licensure With A Criminal History
  6. The good, the bad, and the ugly?
    I made a transition 25 yrs ago to HH from hospital nursing. (ICU, CCU, PPU, and the Delivery room) I did hospital nursing BC (before children) and switched to HH AC (after children.) I started...
    Dec 14, '11
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  7. Can I get paid to care for my mother
    My agency has a policy against staff caring for their immediate family and I believe most agencies do also. Our Aging Agency has what is called Self Directed Care where a patient can hire family for...
    Dec 14, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  8. Considering HH Nursing - Interview soon
    Nanny, I didn't see this post early enough to give you any pointers but hope your interview went well. I have been in HH for 25 yrs and as in all fields of nursing, there is good and bad. In...
    Dec 14, '11
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  9. Thank you for all your comments over the years
    Ventmommy, I am so very sorry! Your son may have had a rough beginning but he had a very loving end. You have been my favorite homecare Mom and I've never met you. God bless you and comfort...
    Dec 1, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  10. How do your start your day on paper that is.
    Because that was how the agency I worked for wanted us to chart. We were to begin with 'On Duty' and end with 'Off duty'.
    Nov 19, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  11. How do your start your day on paper that is.
    I always started with, "On duty, report received from Dad. Child is asleep with Pediasure feeding infusing at 100cc/hr/pump via GB. Assessment completed, vent check done." I did not repeat my...
    Nov 18, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  12. "Unusual charting"
    Unreal! Between myself and my office nurses, we read all documentation before it's put into the charts. I wouldn't want to be in those supervisor's shoes when they have a state audit because the...
    Oct 31, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  13. Opinion on staff befriending clients on Facebook
    The advisory board meeting isn't for several months. I did talk to my clinical director and they all agree that befriending a patient is against our code of ethics. But getting employees to comply...
    Oct 31, '11
    Forum: Nurse Management
  14. "Unusual charting"
    If this nurse worked for me she would be rewriting her charting to make it patient focused. I'm the one who has to face the state auditor when they come and there is no way that I would allow this...
    Oct 31, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  15. PDN...Facebook friend??
    Oh, got you. Thanks for clarifying Ms Bee.
    Oct 30, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  16. PDN...Facebook friend??
    Just to emphasize, I no longer take care of this child or work for the agency that handles her case and have not for over 6 yrs. So any relationship I now have with mom is completely outside of any...
    Oct 25, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  17. PDN...Facebook friend??
    It's a fine line. I took care of one child from the time she was born until about age 8. That was the case I was referring to when I mentioned transporting the child. One nurse on that case often...
    Oct 22, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  18. PDN...Facebook friend??
    I posted a question about this a month or so ago to get everyone's opinion. I have found out that lots of my HHA's have friended their patients on F.B. (most of them don't have privacy settings on...
    Oct 21, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  19. Need reassurance
    Our agency does not allow 'dead weight lifts'. We insist on a hoyer even if the nurse feels able/competent to do the lift. We have paid out way too much for workman's comp claims and it's just not...
    Oct 19, '11
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  20. My patient died :(
    I agree, not to send your condolences after you were caring for the child and were in the family home for so long way seem like you are trying to hide something. A simple 'sorry for your loss' card...
    Oct 12, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  21. Need Advice-Agency LVN renting room from Family
    Our agency's Code of Ethics clearly states that no employee will reside in a client's home. End of story. These rules are made for a reason. My last few weeks at work have been consumed with the...
    Oct 7, '11
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  22. Questions about Home Health - considering a job! Please help!
    You may want to check to see if there is a weekend requirement. You may not have an option of saying you don't want to work weekends. Each agency is different in regards to their requirements, so...
    Oct 4, '11
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  23. Burnt out!
    Congratulations on the baby and best wishes. Enjoy every minute you are home with that new baby. I hope you return with your batteries recharged!
    Sep 30, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  24. Burnt out!
    Just my 2 cents... Don't ever think you aren't learning and gaining valuable people skills because you are on the same case for a long time. I had several cases with longevity. (9 yrs on 2 cases I...
    Sep 27, '11
    Forum: Private Duty Nursing
  25. Opinion on staff befriending clients on Facebook
    Getting them to update/change a policy is not easily done. I'm just now making 'the powers that be' aware that this is an issue. My immediate boss isn't familiar with Facebook so she doesn't even...
    Sep 19, '11
    Forum: Nurse Management

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