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  1. Pay in California
    Thinking about staffing a Home Health agency with RNs. To the RNs that work Home Health in California, if you are paid salary, how much do you get paid? And do you get additional for on-call hours?...
    Aug 18, '14
    Forum: Home Health Nursing
  2. Quality Reporting
    I'm wondering if anyone out there can quickly give me an idea of how hospitals report their data... I know as much as manual options and the use of vendors, but how does one apply? I may assist in...
    Feb 26, '14
    Forum: Nursing Activism / Healthcare Politics
  3. Nurse Buy-In
    I was actually a new grad at Cedars. I love it because of all the specialties you get exposure to. The docs were a little intimidating, but I had a great experience with the nurses. If I had to do...
    Oct 26, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  4. Nurse Buy-In
    I love that idea! Using staff meetings as an opportunity for learning. I guess now my battle will be getting the directors to change their staff meeting requirements... :no:
    Aug 6, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  5. Nurse Buy-In
    Thanks for your reply. We do something similar to keep up with annual competencies, calling it "nursing re-orientation." Being mandatory, they get paid 4 hours. I got the idea of candy/snacks from...
    Aug 5, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  6. Nurse Buy-In
    Anyone have any ideas on how to get nurses' "buy in" to in-services and new education? I'm a new educator and am having hard time getting the nurses to take me seriously. It's like I'm giving them...
    Aug 5, '08
    Forum: Nursing Educators / Faculty
  7. WOCN standardized procedures... do you have one?
    <HR style="COLOR: #e4e6eb" SIZE=1> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> Since our hospital is developing a wound care team and recently hired a WOCN, does anyone have any standardized...
    Aug 5, '08
    Forum: Wound / Ostomy / Continence Nursing
  8. Unit Secretary Doesn't Know Scope of Practice!
    It's an Outpatient Wound Care Center within our hospital. She is actually an employee of med-surg/tele, but was asked to help out in the wound care center. She has not completed any patient care...
    Jul 24, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  9. Unit Secretary Doesn't Know Scope of Practice!
    I found your post today while I about to post a similar story of my own. Apparently, a med/surg unit secretary was asked to help out in our wound care center while their secretary was out on a...
    Jul 23, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. What can WOCNs do?
    I work at a tiny hospital that just re-opened. We've never had an ET nurse before, so we aren't sure what his scope of practice is. We plan on writing out a standardized procedure. But until then,...
    Jul 23, '08
    Forum: Wound / Ostomy / Continence Nursing

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