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  1. Is It a Bad Idea To Stay in a Bad Marriage Until School Ends?
    Cheryl, you probably said the words "for better and for worse, in sickness and in health"...and when we say our vows we do not add "if". So stay true to the promises you gave him. Addiction is a...
    Aug 6, '07
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. Any Ivy Tech Indy students out there?
    Are you considering LPN in case you do not get in for RN? Scoring in 80th is a very very big range. Even decimal points can make a huge difference (they did for me). Last year I heard they would...
    Aug 3, '07
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  3. Any Ivy Tech Indy students out there?
    Dannelboo, how did you do on your test? When do they promise to send out the letters for Spring 08? I hope you got in!
    Aug 3, '07
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  4. Any Ivy Tech Indy students out there?
    I wonder if it was as competitive in 2002 as it is today. How are you studying for TEAS? I took it once, after reviewing the Guide book and I believe you do not necessarily have to have this Guide to...
    Aug 3, '07
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  5. How to come to the US as a foreign nurse?
    (I am sure there have been some posts on these with the questions asked/answered, so if you could just send a link, I would appreciate it) My Ukrainian friend is considering to become a nurse in...
    Jul 25, '07
    Forum: International Nursing
  6. IUPUI nursing school admissions
    My advice would also be to keep your options open. Apply to different schools. Ivy Tech has many campuses around Indiana with Nursing Programs, and at the end you would be able to get your RN license...
    Jul 22, '07
    Forum: Indiana Nursing
  7. For  foreign students of nursing (Russian, Ukrainian)
    Sorry, I am late for the post, but I just found it. What questions do you have?
    Jul 20, '07
    Forum: International Nursing

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