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  1. UNF Summer 2011 Accelerated BSN Hopeful
    I didn’t really like the fact that they will not give you any feedback about your interview. It’s like taking a test and not knowing your score or what you got wrong. It’s frustrating because...
    Mar 19, '11
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  2. Drexel University ACE Program Fall 2011 Start
    Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for the Fall 2011 class? I did a search, but couldn't find one.
    Dec 29, '10
    Forum: Online Nursing Schools and Colleges
  3. Villanova BSN Express '11
    Thanks again! Finding the Pathophysiology class was the hard part, now I just need the 2 theology courses and Im all set.
    Dec 20, '10
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  4. Villanova BSN Express '11
    Thanks for the info Bany, Im going to register. Do you know the course number that they use for the class at Grantham? Also, did you call them or just register for the class through their website?
    Dec 20, '10
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  5. Villanova BSN Express '11
    BrndNw13, Im going to call the school tomorrow and find out if I can still get in. Munroejr, I just got my letter recently, around the second week in Dec.
    Dec 20, '10
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  6. Villanova BSN Express '11
    I'm looking for pathophysiology also and I need to complete it by May for the BSNexpress. I called Univ of Phoenix and you need an RN license to take it. I tried a few community colleges and its too...
    Dec 20, '10
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing

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