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  1. What school nurses REALLY do
    I don't know how many.. would have to count them... still using paper documentation...ugh...
    Dec 17
    Forum: School Nurses
  2. Physical Requirement for K?
    Physicals are required for K,2, 4, 7, and 10th grades. Forms are sent out,however we do not always get them all back. Dental exams are recommended for the same grade levels but not required.
    Dec 12
    Forum: School Nurses
  3. Tramadol
    Really happy it worked for you! Congrats!
    Dec 11
    Forum: Nursing and Patient Medications
  4. Favorite Pediatric Immunization Techniques
    Double team.. whenever 2 injections are needed at the same time...
    Dec 8
    Forum: Ambulatory Care Nursing / Clinic Nursing
  5. "Gift" Ideas
    Nice idea but too expensive for me. I forget healthy for the day before break and just give out a little pieces of candy.
    Dec 4
    Forum: School Nurses
  6. 38C fever, no ride home?
    sometimes parents can't come. No choice but to send on the bus
    Dec 4
    Forum: School Nurses
  7. What job will you do for your semi-retirement?
    How?? Any advice breaking into that type of work?
    Dec 4
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  8. Vitals?
    Nope. Mostly temps. Do check BP and P for dizziness, chest pain,etc ... Just whatever seems appropriate for the complaint.
    Dec 3
    Forum: School Nurses
  9. What job will you do for your semi-retirement?
    I would like to run a little gift shop in a beach town during the nice weather months
    Dec 2
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. Doing a little survey...
    march 5... school nurse
    Dec 1
    Forum: Introductions / Greetings
  11. what age did you decide to become a nurse
    19. Only worked fast food and retail before that
    Dec 1
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  12. How to handle a verbally abusive MD
    I worked with a MD once who always yelled at the staff .He too was from a different country and had issues with treating women with respect and as equals. He would bow up and yell frequently. One...
    Nov 24
    Forum: Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing
  13. Burnout or just Cranky?
    good for you
    Nov 20
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  14. NICU vs MedSurg
    NICU for all the reasons listed above
    Nov 18
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  15. Middle School/High School and Supplies
    ice packs.. no ice machine.. so I just freeze water in ziploc bags.I only have a tiny freezer compartment in my frig so I can't make enough cubes to keep up with the need. I do have chemical ones but...
    Nov 18
    Forum: School Nurses
  16. IV starts in nursing schools
    many years ago in associates program.. never drew blood or started IV's! On the job training for me...
    Nov 13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  17. To all my non-hospital nurses
    only worked in a hospital for 18 months, drs office in primary care for 15yrs.. now school nursing for 14 yrs. many options for nurses! Good luck!
    Nov 13
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  18. Do you have a blood glucose meter in your office?
    old strips... no diabetics at this time either
    Nov 12
    Forum: School Nurses
  19. 101 Ways To Fall Asleep (add your own)
    At my kitchen sink rinsing dishes at 2 am!
    Nov 6
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  20. Hooray
    Just wow!
    Nov 3
    Forum: School Nurses
  21. Hooray
    Halloween is on Friday this year! No bellyaches from too much candy tomorrow! Happy Halloween!!
    Oct 31
    Forum: School Nurses
  22. The next step...
    Congratualtions. It is awesome how far you've come. Prayers for your contined will get there!
    Oct 28
    Forum: Nurses / Recovery
  23. How I got my first job
    Oct 21
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  24. Resigned... then hospital wants me back???
    This! Be careful
    Oct 21
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  25. Medication administration
    I have about 25 daily meds in a school of children with special needs,. Most of the time the staff remembers to bring the kids down but sometimes I have to call. The problem is when they leave the...
    Oct 21
    Forum: School Nurses

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