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  1. The pain under the charge nurses who lack of good leadership skill..
    I was currently undergoing to gain the experience to be in charge in ICU with a Charge Nurse A. This is part of the training as senior staff nurse. This is my third days but I still hanging around. I...
    Nov 28, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  2. Pediatric cardiac surgery ICU nurses, anyone?
    I want to know more people with mind-alike to discuss topics, related to patient care. I have only 3 years experience in that area, with certificate in CHDs. And would like to discuss about those...
    Nov 13, '12
    Forum: PICU Nursing / Pediatric
  3. Feeling down; Received first bad evaluation
    It is very stressful area. Dont be surprise that, every friends of yours are getting promotion faster than you do in other department. The workload is hectic all the time. It is crazy if u...
    Nov 13, '12
    Forum: PICU Nursing / Pediatric

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